Liven up Your Dinner Party with Indian Delicacies

We love to host a party for our friends on any occasion. Be it any festivity, occasion, moment, or any other reason. We love to be surrounded by our family and friends. But behind the scenes, it is a humongous task when it comes to preparations. If you visit an Indian Restaurant in Central Coast, they are always up to this astronomic task.

There are many Indian restaurants that offer you ample dishes which are worth experiencing. Their presence in any party always spices up an Indian party. Visit any Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach. You will see it for yourself.

Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

This cuisine is a rich epicurean experience that evolved over the decades. Its ingredients, cooking techniques, and recipes are unique in nature and have different varieties. Usage of spices like cumin, turmeric, and chili always adds some interesting flavor to these dishes. There are dishes that add coconut and lemon to bring some good flavor. This makes Indian food a rewarding experience for food lovers who love to fulfill their taste buds.


Consuming a vegetarian diet is always beneficial. Studies have reported vegetarianism helps lower bad cholesterol and less saturated fat than a nonvegetarian diet. It also provides you with more minerals, vitamins, and various antioxidants essential to you. This makes a vegetarian diet more healthy and beneficial for you.

Starters of an Indian Dinner Party

Any Indian party or gathering will be blessed with these starters, which are an essential must for Indians:

  • Samosa: Samosa happens to be a pocket of dough stuffed with potatoes, peas, tomatoes, and other vegetables. You should in oil till it becomes crispy and golden brown.
  • Paneer Tikka Kebab: It is made of cubed marine cheese, which you should marinate in a spicy masala sauce. It is also rich in protein.
  • Spinach Pakora Fritters: perfectly match the crunchy outside and soft interior. You should dip the spinach leaves in besan(or gram flour) batter, then deep-fried until it gets crispy.
  • Sweet Potato Tikki: It is a delightful mix of mashed sweet potato and masala, forming into shallow or deep-fried patties.

Main Course

Indian cuisine is famous for its delicious vegetarian dishes. If you try these recipes and even experiment, you will experience the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. These Indian dishes are:

  1. Palak Paneer: Palak Paneer is a rich spinach and cheese cubes blend. You cook these two in a creamy sauce combining tomatoes, vegetables, and spices.
  2. Dal Makhni: Dal makhani is the most loved vegetarian dish in India. You cook the black lentils by simmering them with cream and a mixture of aromatic masala.
  3. Vegetarian Biryani: It consists of aromatic basmati rice mixed with seasonal vegetables, nuts, and a range of spices.
  4. Malai Kofta: Malai Kofta is a mixture of potato dumplings and paneer(Indian cheese). You gently simmer it in an almond and tomato-based sauce.
  5. Baingan Bhadta: Baingan Bhadta amalgamates mashed eggplant, fresh onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and various spices to bring a brilliant flavor.


An Indian party is always complete with desserts like gajar ka halwa( also called Gajrela), rasgulla, gulab jamun, kheer, etc. These dishes are the heart and soul of every Indian party. These exotic dishes and sweets make an Indian dinner party a success. Not only do these dishes add a lot of taste, but they are also a healthy option.  


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