Indian Dishes: Rich Heritage Of The Classic Indian Food Culture

It is only the Indian cuisine that has the largest number of gastronomic treats available. From vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian dishes, there are so many variations that are going to satisfy your tastebuds.

One good thing

Now, you need to be in India to taste Indian food. If you are residing in Australia then there is good news for you. Grand Pavilion Restaurant, one of the best Indian restaurants in Sydney offers you scrumptious Indian dishes that you have never tried before.

So let us get to know which Indian food items are most liked by the natives of Terrigal and Sydney.


Have you heard of pancakes? Of course, you might have. Chillas are pancakes that contain a lot of flavourful ingredients which are served with the following:

    • Indian Pickles
    • Sour Cream
    • Plain Yogurt

If you like to have something crunchy in your mouth, then you can get it adorned with chopped cucumber and tomatoes.


Although this dish belongs to Maharashtra, all Indians like to have it at breakfast. It is made with flattened and flaked rice, the secret of whose taste is its tempering which contains onions and the other spices.

Chole masala

The main ingredient of this recipe is chickpeas. The boiled chickpeas are then cooked in spicy tomato sauce. The way ith which it is prepared brings out the best flavour. You can pair it with the following:

    • Roti
    • Bhatura
    • Naan

Now you must be thinking about the suffix ‘Masala’. Masala is the word used to denote ‘Spice mix’. This dish comes out to be royal when all the famous masalas are put into it

These are not only tasty but are extremely beneficial for health as well. Being highly rich in proteins, these are relished the most.


Every Indian home is sure to make daal at least two to three times a day. In English, Aussies call it the fragrant lentil curry. What makes it even more special? It is the flavours like the following:

    • Garam Masala
    • Cumin
    • Cinnamon
    • Turmeric

You have a vast amount of the variations available when it is about the following:

    • Toor Dal
    • Masoor Daal
    • Chana Daal

Masala Bhindi

This is the most loved and ordered side dish. The main ingredient of this dish is ‘Okra’. It is called Bhindi.

The chopped lady-fingers are cooked in the spicy tomato-based sauce which will be served with roti and naan.

Baingan Bharta

OMG! The thrilling taste of this dish makes us reach the lands of the taste. The roasted eggplants are first of all peeled, mashed and then cooked in a wide range of vegetables.

Wrap the hot food up!

Just like the complexity of the history of reigns by the Indian kings, the Indian dishes are equally complex. The variations in Indian food have emerged in a way no one can ever think of. One best thing is their best of being packed with a variety of great nutrients.

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