List Of Indian Seafood Dishes You Should Devour From Restaurant

Seafood is those items that people find in the sea. It is a special culinary that people across the globe love to devour. Seafood is a delicacy that speaks volumes of the taste palette. Its inclusion of many varieties such as fish, prawns, and crab. The best part of having seafood is that it is not only poached with infinite flavours, but it is also high in protein which is very nutritious for your body.

You can get a delicious seafood platter from an Indian Restaurant on Central Coast. So do not wait any more, and come visit us now for fun and love.

We serve authentic Indian seafood dishes that are fresh and toothsome. We have curated a list of items that you can try from our Indian Restaurant in Ettalong and fall in love with Indian cuisine.

Most of the popular seafood items that you usually see on the menu come from the coastal area of India. South and southeast is the most famous region that has an abundance of seafood dishes. Our chef typically cooks them with exotic spices and herbs that make the whole dish so much more palatable.

List Of Indian Seafood Items That You Should Try

This is a list of seafood dishes that would make you drool. Whenever, you will visit us next, explore a little more and choose our seafood Indian cuisine.

  • Goanese Fish Curry

Goanese fish curry originates from the region of Goa, as the name suggests. It is a wonderful dish with exceptional spices in a creamy, rich coconut sauce. Besides that, you will also get a hint of tang from the tamarind. A quick and easy recipe that would fulfil your stomach and heart. It is an aromatic item that has a blend of infinite spices such as garlic, ginger and onion along with fresh tomato and coconut.

  • Prawn Malabar

Malabar is a special curry or sauce preparation that you will get from the region of Malabar. The chef makes the sauce by dry roasting all the spices and other ingredients such as curry leaves, grated coconut, green chillies, cinnamon, garlic, peppercorn, cloves, dry red chilli, and many more on a medium flame. After that, they blend all of those until it turns out to be a smooth paste (PRO TIP: you can use water for the right consistency).  This paste will be the base of our Malabar prawn curry. Add on your prawns and cook them till it is tender and juicy. Enjoy it hot and fresh with some steaming rice.

  • Andra Fish Curry

Andhra fish curry is an authentic fish curry that is very famous in the region of Andhra Pradesh. Traditionally the chef prepares the dish in a mud or clay pot, to give it an earthy and aromatic taste. A finger-licking dish that will make you go crazy over it again and again. Certain spices and tamarind make the dish so much more delicious. A homely cooked food that will become your comfort zone. Add on some steaming hot basmati rice and enjoy the flavours untouched.


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