Tradition binds the country and heritage together even if they are far from their land. There are certain traditions that people question, break and rename. Yet some traditions are best when kept.

One such thing that beholds the crown of tradition and authenticity is the cuisine of Indian food. It is undoubtedly heaven for meat lovers as they get to try out some of the most scrumptious and the Best Lamb in Warners Bay.

Traditionally cooked mutton connects people to special things, places, and people while revealing fond memories.

The best part about such traditionally home-styled cooked lamb dishes includes Lamb Shank Korma, Lamb Shank Masala, Nilgiri Korma Lamb, Lamb Chops, and Almond Pumpkin Lamb in Warners Bay.

The Popularity Of Lamb Curries In India

There are various meat options and preparations, but one with a lot of fan following is undoubtedly lamb. It is not easy to prepare lamb curries compared to other meat variations. It is a red meat that the chef should make sure to cook till it is tender to get a buttery taste. Apart from the process of meat preparation, it is also necessary to notice the importance of spices in lamb curries. India is a vast country with diverse nature, so finding differences in each food item is mandatory. Jalfrezi Lamb, Lamb Rogan Josh, Vindaloo Lamb, and Korma Lamb are some examples that come from different states and abhor different flavors.

    • Lamb rogan josh

It originates from the heaven of India- Kashmir. A Kashmiri dish that has won hearts. People also serve Rogan Josh lamb in Wazwan (a celebratory 36-course meal). The chef prepares the meat in a caramelized onion, ginger, garlic, and yogurt sauce with some spices and herbs such as bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried red Kashmiri Chillies. Persian cuisine heavily influenced this dish as the Mughals were the first ones who introduced this dish in Kashmir. Because of the red chilies of Kashmir it has a rich flavor with mild hotness. If you are craving some Roshan Josh Lamb delivery and takeaway in Warners Bay is available for you.

    • Korma Lamb

Korma lamb is also a popular Mughlai dish that is known for its delicate flavor that the chef develops with a slow cooking process in its own fat, cream, or yogurt. Do not forget to add a handful of spices for the oomph. Korma is derived from an Urdu word loosely translated to “braise.” There are various courses of recipes to prepare korma lamb, but some of the most commonly used ingredients are cashew, almonds, mace, cloves, nutmeg, kewra water, cardamoms, and grated coconut.
Do not worry; they are not the only option you will get in our restaurants. Items such as Madras lamb, Saagwala Lamb, and Biryani lamb are some other dishes that you should try to taste the taste of Indian traditional food. 

    • Vindaloo lamb

It is a popular dish straight from Goa. It is one of the most heavily spiced dishes that pack a punch of flavors. So if you like your food spicy and hot, then you should definitely opt for vindaloo lamb without any second doubt.

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