Why You Must Choose The Grand Pavilion To Quench Your Hunger?

The success of a restaurant relies on various factors which must be executed thoroughly. It is not an easy treat to put your foot in such a demandable and competitive market. You need to put forward your best to be an exceptional restaurant owner.

The Grand Pavilion has shown us what they can offer their guest. If you have never visited this Indian Restaurant, you must immediately get first-hand experience.

For now, you can read out some of the factors they have ensured to maintain in their premises to maximize customer satisfaction, resulting in revenue increment. In short, it is a profitable ideology.


Tiny little things make a big difference; each point would suffice together to build up a more fantastic experience. Remember that your USP must be kept intact to be the show’s highlight; copying others and their like would just end you in duplicity. Unique ideas and strategies would build a dynasty.

  • Exceptional menu list:

What you are serving to your customers would be the selling point of your restaurant business. We have introduced Indian cuisine with a touch of authenticity and contemporary. This has been our USP so that we can attract many customers to Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach. Food is the love language for many. Thus, it has become a task for us to introduce food items that would be loved by many. From delicious street food entrees to seafood options, we made sure to be inclusive. We have varieties of food items that are deep from the region representing the Indian state.

Menu for entrees (Chef Recommendation)

  1. Potatoes Cakes
  2. Murg Malai Tikka
  3. Chicken 65
  4. Cauliflower Bazule

Menu for the main course (Chef Recommendation)

  1. Lamb Shank Masala
  2. Handi Goat Masala
  3. Lamb Shank Korma
  4. Nilgiri Korma Chicken
  5. Nilgiri Korma Lamb
  6. Mughlai Chicken

Menu for the seafood

  • Chili Prawn
  • Goanese Fish Curry
  • Andhra Fish Curry
  • Prawn Malabar
  • Chilli Fish
  • Seafood Molly
  • Mango Prawns

Menu of vegetarian classics curries

  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Kadai Paneer
  • Vegetable Korma
  • Malai Kofta
  • Bombay Potatoes
  • Ambiance

Dine-in is not just an experience, but it has now become a vibe for many. People go out with their friends and family to enjoy some peaceful moments with them for some time while simultaneously gorging on some delicious delicacies. To make that food exceptional, the importance of the ambiance plays an important role. Do not worry, if you are thinking of enjoying such moments, visit us to have the best time of your life. Good food and a great place are a perfect combination for your evening.

  • Best hospitality

Food and the ambiance will not come in handy if the service is terrible. To gain maximum customer satisfaction, we made sure to hire staff members who are in tune with our ideology of guests being our God. Do you want your demand to be met with a great smile and enthusiast without letting you feel worse about things? Then we are precisely the proper palace for you.


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