Which South-Indian food items have their foodie-fans all over the world?

No doubt, the food delights of northern India are tasty enough to take you to heaven for meals. But if we have a glance at the food items of southern India, then we’ll come to know that the South-Indian region has a treasure of meals. This is the main reason that there are several Indian restaurants in Terrigal that have restricted their menu items to only South-India food.

Indian restaurants in Sydney are highly acclaimed for the beautiful taste that they put in the following culinary food items.


People all over the world know this food item as dosa. But several others want to know what this food item is known in English. It is called “Paper-Thin Crepes’. The savoury appendages which accompany this are as follow:

  • Sambar
  • Coconut Chutney

There are lots of variations of the Dosas like Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa and the Plain Dosa


Idlis are nothing more than steamed rice cakes. This is the staple item that all south Indian families like to have for breakfast as it is extremely light. To prepare this variety, the batter of the fermented lentils and the rice is used. The batter is put in the idli stand and is then steamed. This is an item that can be enjoyed either with the sambar and the coconut chutney.


These are the spicy items that are available in doughnut shapes. When the batter by taking the following ingredients into account will be prepared, then it will be fried to come out with the hot, crispy and savoury delights:

  • Black Lentils
  • PepperCorns
  • Curry Leaves
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Chillies
  • Onions


The emergence of uttapam can be like that of the pancake and the pizza. First of all, the batter consisting of all of the following will be prepared:

  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Chopped Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Chillies
  • Carrots
  • Coconut

Banana Chips

Who does not like those fried and crispy yellow banana slices? These are one of the popular snacks in South India. The coconut oil is customarily used to fry the thin circular slices of the banana. Based on individual preferences, these are coated in jaggery and are salted to incorporate the nicest flavour of the coconut. Being light in nature, these are customary for being relished at the teatime.

Appams and Ishtu

These are the thin crepes which are made of the batter that consists:

  • Fermented Rice Flour
  • Coconut Milk


Kaapi is the Indian version of the filtered coffee that has the potential to make your morning the happiest.

The coffee beans from the regions like the following are taken into account:

  • Nilgiris
  • Malabar
  • Karnataka

These are then ground and are blended considering chicory.

Final Comments!

The taste of the South-Indian food does not only lie in the ingredients and the techniques. It is the love as well, which makes the people crazy for the dishes.

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