Which Indian sweet dishes are enjoyed at festivals and special occasions?

Raksha Bandhan is approaching. The famous and most celebrated Indian festival for the brothers and the sisters. So when the sister ties the knot of Rakhi on the wrist of the brother, the brother promises her to keep her safe throughout her life and will stand by her, no matter what happens. The sweetness of this relation deserves to be relished by some sweet dishes or Indian desserts. No?

Which sweet item would you like to witness the love of this promising relationship? According to the chefs of the Indian restaurant In Sydney, “No matter which countries’ festival is this, it is celebrated all over the world because of the influence of the Indian migrants and thus on every Raksha Bandhan, many a pair and the groups of the brothers and sisters approach us. Each of them is sure to order some Indian sweet dish at the end.”

Do you want to know, which sweet dishes do they order? Hear it from the chefs of the Indian restaurant in Terrigal.

Sandesh Indian dessert

It is one of the simplest Indian desserts which requires only three ingredients to be incorporated namely:

  • Milk
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar

You can add on the pistachios to present your Sandesh in the prettiest form.

Gulab Jamun

Whenever anyone mentions Indian desserts, the first thing that comes to their mind is “Gulab Jamun”. Each festival and special occasion is considered incomplete in the absence of this dish. The soft and sweet dumplings are dipped in the sugar syrup.


This is one of the traditional dishes whose delicious bite fills your mouth with the creaminess of the milk and cream and sweetness of the sugar content when accompanied with the flavour of the saffron and the fruits, makes the individual feel awe.


The round Indian dessert is deemed as similar to the American funnel cakes. This is the best air-frying recipe which is not only enjoyed in the festivals but to make your casual day power-pact, you can have it while accompanied with a glass of warm milk.


Kheer, as we all know, is known as the popular white Indian dessert. It can be cooked instantaneously in the pot. Based on the preferences, some people like to relish the taste when it is cold while others like to enjoy it when it is hot.


This is the spicy and the nutty custard which is frozen and can be enjoyed with those lusty food licks.


Although it is native to West Bengal, the Indian state, it is the favourite of the whole of India….Sorry! Sorry! Whole world. In case, the individual comes across with the extra rasgullas, then he can use it to have one more dessert which is discussed above and that is Ras Malai.

Bottom Line

Do you want to know more about such Indian sweet-sweet dishes?

If yes, then keep on reading our blogs!

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