Which Indian dish is considered the spiciest one in Indian cuisine?

Indian cuisine is one of the most loved cuisine options out there. Now! If you are in search of a spicy food option, then you will find the same in Indian cuisine. So, on your next visit to the Indian Restaurant Terrigal, you should give a try to the spicy food and enjoy the burst of spiciness in your mouth. Let’s talk you through about some of the spiciest dishes which you can order at the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney:

  • Vindaloo

Vindaloo is one of the signature options in Indian cuisine. Although its origin is from Portuguese still it is one of the important meals for the Indians. In addition, you can try out the different styles of Vindaloo. The most preferred one is the southwestern style. In this meal, the option of chicken & lamb is commonly used. The spiciness in this meal is because of the Bhut jolokia which is the hottest pepper.

  • Phall

Another spicy option is Phall and which also contains Bhut jolokia. It is one of the spiciest curries as there are other varieties of spices in it. In addition, it includes the scotch bonnet and mild habanero chilies. Even when the chefs make it and try to add different chilies in it they prefer to make the mask. If you are into eating chilies then you can give this option a try. Although, some restaurants serve non-spicy Phall.

  • Kadai paneer

Kadai paneer is another tasty dish and it is known for its spicy taste. No doubt, paneer is one of those options which is loved by everyone. In addition, the level of species can be managed easily which makes this dish eaten by everyone. In case, your spice tolerance is more as compared to others then you can get added that much amount of spices. To enjoy the taste to the fullest you can have it with tandoori bread.

  • Kashmiri chicken

Kashmiri chicken is another must-have option for those who like to have hot food. Although, it is not that spicy because it does have a touch of sweetness in it. Moreover, many people love it because of its gravy and how there are different spices added to it. In addition, people like to have it with biryani, rice, poori, and pulao.

  • Stuffed peppers

Although it is not like most of the other dishes, you can give this a try to have something new. This option can be considered as a side dish or appetizer. The stuffing in the peppers is something that makes everyone drool over the food. It contains finely chopped chilies and garlic which are sauteed and then the cream cheese is added into the same. In case, you want to have more chilies then you can do that.

Taste the deliciousness on your own

If you have a love for spicy food, then you should visit The Grand Pavilion to enjoy the deliciousness of food and spiciness in your meal. During the order, you can tell the chef if you have a special request.

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