Where Can You Get The Best Indian Food? How To Serve Indian Foods To Kids And Grown-Up Kids Too?

Suppose you find a perfect restaurant for any meal of the day and prefer Indian food. Then you must be looking for an Indian Restaurant in Central Coast. Indian food is a choice of many non-Indians, too, as it gives you a wide variety of food items to eat and helps in exploring different cuisines. 

Many choose Indian food because of its variety for every age group and tasty meals for kids especially. Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach also has a variety of snacks and delicious delicacies of Indian food. If you are going to an Indian restaurant, you indeed find items to feed your kids. 

Why serving Indian food is an excellent option for kids? 

Indian food is considered a nutritious food, and it’s effortless to prepare. It is not spicy but flavourful and helps a kid to explore more foods like plain rice, mashed potatoes, purees, and curry. Indian food is also rich in different colors, which makes the food attractive at the same time. Nutritious like spinach curry is green, daal is yellow or butter chicken can be orange. These tricks help a kid eat with fun and enjoyment.  

When to start feeding them Indian food? 

Like in Indian households, a toddler starts eating Indian food prepared every day in the house. As a non-Indian, you can introduce Indian food to your child when he eats solids. You can withdraw from salted chapati, dal, and rice. You can also give khichdi, an Indian healthy food, to your child to boost the immune system. All these foods are effortless to cook. For sweets, you can prefer halwa or Sheera, another Indian delicacy. You can easily find these items in any Indian restaurant while traveling as well. 

Cook food with flavors and eliminate spices: 

For young kids or toddlers, you should prepare food with these items, which list down here: 

Turmeric: it is crucial for the health of the kid.

Cumin: You can put it in dal and rice or in any savory dish. It also makes it aromatic.

Garlic and Ginger: it adds a different and unique flavor to your dish and also Uses it in the form of paste for better taste and texture.

For preparing sweet dishes, do not forget to put ghee for taste and health, and you can try placing jaggery instead of sugar to make the dish super healthy. 

Always serve curd with the meal as a dip, or you can put Ratia. It gives a cooling effect to their tongue to settle spices. 

Get your grown-up kid involved in the cooking process. 

The process of preparing Indian food is also very unique and unforgettable. You can ask your child to stir spices and veggies for you in a pan with you. You can add veggies to spaghetti and make paneer pizza with Indian toppings. You can also prepare wraps by rolling butter chicken in chapati. After helping in the kitchen, they must eagerly wait to eat the dish. These are some ways by which you can make eating food a fun game for your child. 


Not only do you make your child eat Indian food cooked at home, but you also go to restaurants like The Grand Pavilion in Ettalong to enjoy excellent Indian food with your child on vacations. Trying Indian food at restaurants encourages them to explore more.

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