What historical facts should you know about the world-famous Indian cuisine?

Despite being tasty and a healthy kind of food, Indian food is categorized as one of the socializing friendly foods. According to the experienced chefs practising in the famous Indian restaurant in Sydney, “ Indian food is considered as one of the socialising friendly food because in the Indian cuisine there is something for everyone. So when a group of people come to our place for interaction enhancing purposes or to spend some quality time with each other, then each of them will surely find something which is as per their tastes and preferences.” When the potential benefits of Indian food are being mentioned, the readers will feel interested to know about the origin and the other historical facts about this cuisine.

So in today’s blog, we have considered mentioning the extract of one of the famous food interviews of the chef who has spent vast numbers of years in the service of a world-famous Indian restaurant in Terrigal.

So are you ready to get acquainted with all such aspects?

History of the Indian cuisine

In all the famous food books, the origin of Indian food is found about 5000 years back. Those were the times when the Hindus were supposed to be vegetarian and the Muslims are the great admirers of non-veg dishes. Indian food is the result of the influences of the variegated migrants like the following:

  • Mongolian
  • Persian
  • Chinese

The flavour enhancing ingredients

In the earlier times, each of the ingredients was grown and harvested in the ultimate natural way. The pieces which were used were freshly ground before each use. Indians are heavily proud to say that the ingredients which are found in Indian cuisine are difficult to find in other cuisines.

For example; If we talk about the biryani, then an especially kind of the biryani masala is used which is the blend of the following:

  • Cardamon
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg Powder
  • Black Pepper etc.

You will hardly find cuisine in the world in which you will be able to experience more than 40 to 45 kinds of flavours in a single dish despite the Indian cuisine.

Regional dishes

Indian food is a diversified kind of food that includes dishes influenced by various regional flavours. You will experience more than 30 kinds of cuisines in Indian cuisine.

Important point

The name of the dish might be the same everywhere (in the whole of India), but more than 100s of the ways will be there for the preparation of the dish.

Sweet endings

An Indian meal is never considered complete if the sweated at the end of the meal. Sweet rice pudding known as kheer is the traditional Indian dessert that was earlier used as an offering to tempt the sages to give you the nicest blessings and boons.

Bottom Line

The history is so vast that we cannot complete this blog only. If you have found it interesting and want to know more about it, then we are waiting for your feedback which will motivate us to publish more blogs like this.

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