What are the topmost unknown facts you need to know about Indian food?

India is known for its diverse culture, impressive history, different languages, and interesting & wide variety of ingredients. Indian cuisine has got a different kind of love and popularity all over the globe. The food served at the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney is known for its traditional way of cooking but with a modern twist.

Unknown facts about Indian Food

Blend of unique yet different taste

In total there are 6 different tastes but that does not mean it is just about the spice. As per food theory, the Indian food has 6 primary taste which includes:

  • Sweet (madhura)
  • Salty (lavana)
  • Sour (amala)
  • Pungent (katu)
  • Bitter (tikta)
  • Astringent (kasya).

Exposure to outside cuisine

Indian cuisine has had an external influence for thousands of years. Many of the food items which are included in the Indian menu are inspired by Central Asian and Persian culture. You might not know but desserts like gulab jamuns, jalebis, and much more are imported.

Wave of spices

India is known as the land of spices and the largest producer of the same in the world. In total, around 70% of the spices are produced in India and many of them are exported to other parts of the world.

Healthy and historic diet

Indians are known for consuming and cultivating the same categories of grains and legumes for many years. The present-day diet is filled with rice, lentils, fresh fruits & vegetables, and many other healthy options. For many years, people have been following the Indian diet because of how fulfilling and tasty it is. Most importantly the health benefits it offers.

Salt and Pepper are part of the history

You might not know this but salt has been produced in India for 5000 years and mainly it is in the Rann of Kutch area, Gujarat. Black pepper is one of the important parts of every Indian meal which makes them taste better. The southern part of Kerala was known for its black pepper export in ancient times and at that time these were known as black gold.

Prime food categories

According to Ayurveda, there are 3 primary food categories which include:

  • Satvic food

This category is all about natural and minimally processed food items. Its consumption is known for calming and removing impurities from the body.

  • Rajasic food

This category is all about salty, bitter, oily, and spicy food. It helps the person have a feeling of competition, ambition, and egotistic pursuits.

  • Tamasic food

This category is about the overly processed toxic which takes time to digest. Moreover, it impacts the mind & body negatively.

Hottest chili

India produces the world’s hottest chilies which are known as the ghost pepper. You might not know this but it is 400 times hotter as compared to tabasco sauce.

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