What are the 5 topmost Indian eating habits which are good for health?

Healthy eating habits

If we talk about healthy eating habits, then no one can beat the Indians. Indians are known for their rich cultural heritage and one-of-a-kind culinary traditions. Indeed, when you visit the best Indian Restaurant Terrigal you will get to know how the Indian menu has a lot of varieties & that too how different they are from each other.

At the Grand Pavilion, we make sure to keep the root alive, be it for food preparation or eating habits. Our Indian Restaurant in Sydney focuses on serving the food with the right blend of flavor and making sure every food item served has the right amount of nutrients in it. If you haven’t tried Indian food, then you are missing out on ‘What the food heaven would look like?’. In this blog, my focus is on sharing the top Indian eating habits.

Indian eating habit 1: Spices are known for their healing power

When it comes to health, Indian food has several spices in it like cumin, cayenne pepper, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, mustard, fennel seeds, cinnamon, and much more. Their work is not only to add aroma and flavor but they are filled with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. For example:

  • Haldi is one of the most wonderful spices as it helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • Cayenne pepper is one of the herbs which helps in weight loss
  • Cardamom helps to provide refreshing and clear breath & also helps your digestive system.

Well! It can go on & on as every herb and spice in Indian cuisine has something beneficial to it.

Indian eating habit 2: Preparation of fresh food

Trust me on this! Every Indian meal is prepared fresh daily. From breakfast to dinner, everything is cooked right before serving the food. It might seem hectic but this is what benefits the overall health. Indians are not a fan of frozen food because fresh food is known for satisfying the taste buds.

Indian eating habit 3: Indian beverages are all about the flavors

No matter which beverage you talk about, it is filled with flavors. Be it masala doodh, chai, nimbu pani, or lassi, all these non-alcoholic beverages are worth your taste buds and physical health. When you visit our Indian restaurant you will get different options. There is an entire assortment from which you can select the options which captivate your taste buds.

Indian eating habit 4: Number of flatbread options

Now! If we talk about flatbreads, then the Indian food menu will offer you several options. From simple Tawa roti to naan, you can have different choices with your dish. Moreover, roti has been one of the staple food items since the beginning. Easy to digest and contains all the essential ingredients which your body needs.

Indian eating habit 5: Chutneys are a delight to the taste buds

With Indian cuisine, having a chutney on the side is a must. You can try out different options which contain mint, coconut, walnut, ground peanuts, yogurt, and much more. Moreover, Indians like to have chutney just with chapati. When I was in India, I used to have aam ki chutney which was a little spicy and sour. Perfect!

Try it out on your own!

Visit our restaurant and give yourself a try at the amazing food which will make your and your family time the best.

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