Visit The Grand Pavilion To Taste The True Species Of India

Who says it doesn’t matter where you eat? Dining out with someone dear to you is a joyful experience in itself, and when you dine in with a great ambience, the experience and the taste of the food become much greater. Factors like the ambience and service significantly contribute to a great dining experience and help you make an unforgettable memory that you can cherish for your life.


With The Grand Pavilion, not only do you get delicious food on your plate, but also a great dining experience that you will find nowhere else. The warm ambience, along with a freshly cooked dish on your tables, allows you to enjoy the most while you dine in at the best restaurants for Indian food. We ensure that our customers are comfortable and reach perfection in service by addressing all their food preferences. 


We understand that every individual has unique diet needs and preferences; therefore, we provide a wide variety of Indian dishes and tailor the dish specifically to meet your poetry needs and preferences. Our spectacular service and magnificent ambience shape a great dining experience for you. 


Spend the most amazing time with your dear ones while we service you with some hot and fresh sizzling food. Choose from our range of starters, main courses and desserts, and put an end to your cravings with every bite of deliciousness. 


Contact us today to place an order or visit our restaurant to have an outstanding dining experience. Reach us through our website or order our delectables at home. 

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