Must Try Vegan Food Items From An Indian Restaurant For The Foodies

Finding the best Indian restaurant is not as easy a trait as one would like to think. There are just so many options to choose from, but very few deliver what it depicts. With us, you would not have to worry about such notions. Our main motto is to serve high-quality food with extraordinary facilities.

An Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay that will fulfill your dream of trying out the scrumptious meal of your life.

You will get to try delicious Indian food that includes Indian vegetarian dishes, Indian curries, Indian entrees, and dessert.

You can also enjoy the taste of India with the facility of takeout in the Restaurant in Terrigal.

Vegan Dishes In Indian Restaurant

With time, the general public is able to accept the vegan movement with open arms more than ever. People are changing their lifestyles to suit the vegan lifestyle. They are adopting a plant-based diet in their daily life and skipping meat altogether.

However, veganism is not for everyone, but that does not mean that you would not be able to try out the delicious vegan dishes from an Indian restaurant.

And no, it is not all plant and fake meat. Indians know their deal and serve delicious flavourful yet vegan dishes that would satisfy your health and stomach both.

Assemble Curry Lovers

Anyone who is in love with curries should visit us to try out some of the outstanding curries that vary from non-vegetarian to vegan. We have a casual dining atmosphere that will hype your mood and win the hearts of the locals with its exceptional flavor profile.

We also understand the importance of different diets; not everyone follows the same. This is the reason why we incorporated all kinds of food items based on different diets, including vegan, in our menu list.

List Of Vegan Indian Curry In The Menu

This is the list of vegan dishes that you order from an Indian Restaurant. Try out this next time you visit us and enjoy it with your friends and family. Vegan or non-vegan, do not hesitate to taste this cuisine that will blow your mind.

  • Daal Saag

Let us start with the staple item of Indian cuisine- dal. The chef makes this vegan dish with spinach, lentil, and many aromatic spices and herbs. It is a power meal packed with many nutrients to keep you healthy and sturdy. And to top it off, it is as scrumptious and comforting as it gets. 

  • Vegan tofu butter masala

Instead of paneer, you can ask our chef to incorporate tofu in the paneer butter masala, and you are ready to enjoy the favorite meal in your version. It is a vegan version of paneer butter masala curry. The chef makes it with tomato puree along with ginger-garlic paste and cashew nut sauce. In the non-vegetarian version, you can try this in the version of butter chicken masala- the most famous item of all time.

Tip: you can especially order the staff member to twist or tweak any dish based on your dietary requirements for a better experience.


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