Try out the different types of Tandoori bread from the Indian menu

Don’t you think the food you have should be tantalizing? If you like to explore different cuisines then on my suggestion do give a try to ‘Indian cuisine’. No doubt, this cuisine has that touch of traditional yet something amazing which is difficult to get with other cuisines present in the world. Indeed! Indian food is something which is relishable and it has flavors of 4 different regions: North, South, East & West.

In such a vast array of options the food options which you can try out also vary a lot. When you visit one of the best Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay you can try out a list of different food options. One of the universal food items in the Indian food menu is ‘Tandoori Breads’. This food item can be paired with anything and everything. It means be it curry-based item, vegetable-based, non-vegetarian food, or any other Indian meal tandoori bread are something worth every bite. This blog is going to give you an insight into the different options of Tandoori bread.

Different types of Tandoori Breads
• Roti
Visit one of the best Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach and how you can miss out on the roti? It’s flattened bread which is made with wholemeal flour. Roti is something that is loved by everyone as it’s light yet fulfilling.

• Naan
Naan is leavened bread that can be oven-baked, tandoori baked (clay oven), and Tawa-fried. It is soft as there are ingredients like yogurt, wheat flour, yeast, maida, and atta flour. The naan can be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 days but make sure it’s kept in the Ziploc bag. Try this delicacy with any sort of mouth-watering Indian meal.

• Butter naan
Butter naan is another sort of tandoori bread that is slightly flaky and is layered with plain flour bread. A slight amount of butter is added to the top to make it soft yet crispy.

• Garlic naan
Garlic naan, as the name suggests it has garlic inside it. If you love the taste of garlic then this option is a must-try out. On the top, freshly chopped coriander is added.

• Aloo paratha
Aloo paratha is stuffed with aloo (potatoes) and there are different spices added into the same. This option is perfect to have during breakfast.

• Cheese naan
Do you love cheese? Then make sure to try out the cheese naan. Just like potato naan, it has cheese inside it. Just imagine having cheese naan during winters with any sort of Indian meal.

Do you love cheese? Do you love garlic? Are you thinking can both these options be combined? Wish granted! You can try out the garlic and cheese naan.

• Cheese & spinach naan
If you wish to have something healthy, then why not try something with spinach. Yes! In the Indian food menu, you can have the cheese and spinach naan which is amazing to try out & your taste buds will be satisfying in all ways. The fresh taste of spinach cannot surpass any other thing.

• Pishawari Naan
Are you someone who likes to have dry fruits and nuts? Or Are you someone who wants a way to include dry fruits & nuts into the food regime? No matter in which category you belong, just have the pishawari naan from the Indian food menu. It’s fulfilling and delectable.

Are you drooling?
What’s the wait? Order your favorite tandoori bread from The Grand Pavilion Indian food menu to enjoy every bite of your meal.

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