Unheard Traditional Indian Dishes That You Should Try Out Once

There are just so many ways to try out the local specialties to tantalize your taste buds from an Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay. It is also popularly known as a foodie’s paradise. But with so many restaurants in your local area, it can be difficult at times to identify which are serving you the traditional dishes and which are offering the water-down recipes.

Do not worry; we have come here for your rescue and listed some of the most common and iconic traditional Indian dishes that would assist you in navigating the extensive culinary landscape.

Authentic Indian Dishes: An Identification Of True Flavour

These are some of the most common dishes that will help you navigate towards the flavor and taste of Indian Cuisine.

  • Masala Dosa

Let us start with the heart of Indian cuisine. Masalas dosas.

It is undoubtedly the most well-known culinary export from South India, and it is pretty well known throughout the world. Dosas are basically a type of Indian pancake that the chef in the best Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach creates from rice, flour, and lentils thin batter. When it comes to the cooking of dosas, it is not an easy task; you would require a lot of practice to get better at it. Apart from that, the prep for dosa making is also very extensive.

You should soak the batter mixture in the water for at least 24 hours. Afterward, you would have to scoop some batter into the hot lava (griddle pan) in the shape of a French crepe. We traditionally serve dosas folded in half-filled spiced potatoes along with other condiments such as coconut chutney and hot sambar (stew). An edgier dish packed with a punch of flavors and tastes. A perfect lunch or dinner item that is not only delicious but also healthy.

  • Chaat

We all might have tried out the famous curries from Indian dishes, but the authenticity of Indian flavors lies in their chaat and other snack items. Chaat is somewhat synonymous with street food. It is undoubtedly one of the most delectable savory snacks that you must try out. It is such a delicacy that would make you want to lick one’s finger and relinquish the flavors. In fact, the word chaat itself indicates that sentiment.

There are so many variations to this delicacy. Still, the original chaat is basically a delightful combination of crispy fried bread, diced potato pieces, and chickpeas that the chef topped with some fresh coriander leaves and fried ginger, yogurt, and tamarind-based sauce. This gives the whole dish a fresh, earthy, sweet, tangy, and spicy taste. Seek out any Indian restaurant known for serving some delicious traditional chaat to try out something unique yet simple.

  • Paratha

Another thing that you should definitely try is paratha. A stuffed bread packed with many flavors and spices. Breakfast of champions in northern India served with some curd and pickle along with it. It is basically a layer of baked dough.

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