Traditional Cooking Techniques To Create Indian Cuisine In Restaurant

This blog is for the people who have a love for Indian food and love to feast on some delicious drool-worthy pictures. The rich gravies, aromatic flavors, and kebabs melt in your mouth. Your Pinterest and Instagram are filled with uncountable food blogs..

But has it ever come to mind how the chefs in an Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay are able to conjure such delicious treats each time?

Is it its recipes or the ingredient that makes it so delectable? Or is it entirely something else. What is the element that gives the dish that “WOW” factor?

One that is underrated and never looked at is the cooking method. Bring life to the dishes; then, you must focus on gaining adequate knowledge about the most extraordinary process of cooking Indian food items that will blow your mind away.

 Indian Cooking Techniques To Create Authentic Indian Cuisine

This is a list of methods that the chef uses in Indian cooking to make traditional Indian cuisine. 

  • Tandoori

There are many people who think that tandoori is a recipe. But let me burst your bubble. It is not a recipe but a very common Indian cooking technique. You can prepare various dishes in it, from the infamous naan (bread) to marinated meats and vegetables to give that charred texture to the dish.

Tandoor is basically a clay oven. Imagine a large pit of clay that has the capacity to hold a small fire that you make from wood charcoal. The ceramic walls intensify the heat that comes from the charcoal fire as it reflects. After that, the chef from the Restaurant in Terrigal marinates the meat and then puts it inside the oven until they are perfectly cooked. The combination of yogurt, spices, the natural juices of the meat, and the intense heat that gives it a charred texture all bring an unrecognized and remarkable flavor. 

  • Marination

We have established that marination is indeed one of the essential parts of Indian cooking. It is basically a part in which the chef immerses the meat and vegetables in the liquid concoction of yogurt, spices, lemon juice, and so much more. There are countless Indian dishes that require the process of marination. But one that comes to mind is tandoori chicken. It is a star dish that requires a complement of its own.

Marination plays three roles in cooking.

  1. It acts as an active ingredient to tenderize vegetables and meat.
  2. It plays a significant role as a mobilizer that utilizes different spices to penetrate the inside of the dish.
  3. It helps in protecting the main ingredient from flaming up in the high heat.

It is one of the most extraordinary techniques to include flavors and tastes in meat and vegetable dishes. And the best part is that it is so easy to make. All you are required to do is leave your ingredients for marinating overnight or for some hours to prepare the most scrumptious dish of all time.

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