Top Dishes of India That Every Novice Should Savour

Indian food is the food that has immersed the global population into a pool of flavours. Every year, Indian food is rapidly gaining popularity for its variety of dishes with extraordinary flavours. And anytime someone mentions Indian food, people start to drool and daydream about the creamy and chewy texture and the burst of flavours in their mouth that makes them melt, and every time people wish to have Indian food in Sydney, they immediately look for an Indian restaurant in Sydney.

While many people are falling in love with indian food across countries, many still need to start their journey of being in love with it; therefore, let us tell you about some of the must-have indian dishes that you need to try if you are new to Indian food in order to introduce you to the world of rich and unique flavour so you can melt with every bite.

Top Indian dishes for every novice to try

Just like the seasons change, so does the food of India. With every changing season and every new festival you will find a new dish served on your plate. From snacks to main courses to desserts, Indian cuisine offers an endless variety of food. You might get tired of eating but the variety of Indian food is so diverse that the list is endless. Although every indian dish is unique and needs to be tried at least once, there are a few top dishes that one must try if they are new to Indian food; some of them are:


Samosas are the most favourable snack in India and are seen almost everywhere. This traditionally made savoury is a baked, usually fried pastry that is filled with potatoes, onions, peanuts, lentils, and spices cooked together, making a moist, rich flavoured filling, and is served with tamarind and mint sauce, offering bursting flavours both inside and out!

Pani puri

If you love the combination of sweet, spicy, and crunchy, then pani puri is the best choice for you. This spicy and sweet water-based snack has captivated a lot of minds and hearts. It is a crunchy fried ball made of wheat and all-purpose flour, which is filled with a spiced-up filling of potatoes, onions, and some other spices and a combination of spicy minty and sweet water.

Butter chicken

The top favourite Indian main course dish for all non-vegetarians is butter chicken. The name itself is so enticing, but the actual dish is mind-blowing. The mouth-watering is prepared with delicate and juicy chicken that is cooked with spicy tomato puree and spices until the colour turns bright red. It has a creamy, melting texture, and with every bite, you experience tantalising flavours.


Do you think that you eat butter chicken alone? All the Indian main course dishes have a partner that completes them, and that partner is naan. Naan is a flatbread that is eaten with the creamy gravies of Indian food. All you need to do is tear up a bite-size piece of naan, hold it in the shape of a cone, fill it with rich flavoured gravy, and immerse yourself in a unique blend of spices and the saltiness and chewy flavour of naan.

Shahi paneer

With Indian food, no one is left behind. Therefore, it offers a great variety of vegetarian food as well. Shahi paneer is like butter chicken for vegetarians. Made with soft paneer and a smooth and creamy gravy of fresh ingredients and spices. For vegetarians, it is like experiencing heaven in their mouth.

These are some of the top dishes of India that you should try before you begin your journey of experiencing all the other varieties of Indian food. It is time to make your taste buds dance as they burst into flavour, so when you visit an Indian restaurant, order and devour.

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