What are the top and best Indian dishes with spinach you must try out?

Healthy and nutritious in every bite…SPINACH – It is one of those vegetables which come to my mind. Not only is it tasty but it is delectable in every sense and it is full of flavors. Not only in India but the love for spinach-made dishes has reached the best Indian Restaurant Terrigal. The Grand Pavilion, the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney has a lot to offer you be it dishes made with spinach or any other Indian food item. Although, in this blog, we are going to mention the dishes made with spinach which are worth every bite. Let’s get the taste buds delighted in every sense.

Best Indian dishes made with spinach

  • Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is the hero in the Indian food menu. From the taste to quality, it is the best choice and this is something which tops the list. Indian chefs made it with perfection by adding in the Indian cottage cheese which is simmered on onion and then freshly made tomato-spinach gravy. Everything is mixed properly and then you can have it with naan, chapatis, and paratha.

  • Palak Paratha

Parathas are another delightful option in the Indian food menu and you can try out the different options. One of them is palak paratha which is lip-smacking and made with spinach puree and whole wheat flour. The parathas are a great choice to have in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Moreover, you can have it with pickle, chutney, and dal fry.

  • Palak paneer rolls

UMm…rolls of any kind are my favorite and one of them is palak paneer rolls. One of the most loved dishes which are made with cottage cheese and then wrapped in spinach parathas. When served hot it is way better in terms of taste and you can have it with chutney and pickle.

  • Palak omelet

Do you love to have eggs? Well! What’s better than combining it with eggs and palak. One of the simple yet effective dishes, which is worth every bite. Simply! Best enough to satisfy your taste buds and also fulfilling in every sense. Spinach filling with the egg omelet and then you need to fry it from both sides till the time it is crispy. Have it in the form of an evening snack or as a side dish.

  • Palak pakoda

Palak pakoda are like the fritters which are the perfect choice to have in the form of an evening snack. It is dipped in gram flour and added along with spices which makes it tasty in every bite. One of the best options to try is during the evening snack along with masala chai or coffee.

  • Palak rice

If your child makes a fuss to have green vegetables then why not make them try out the palak rice. To make palak rice, spinach puree is made and then several spices are added to give the rice a different yet perfect taste. You can have it like that or with your favorite sliced vegetables.

Well! The Indian food menu has a lot to offer. If you have not tried out any Indian meal, then what’s the wait? The Grand Pavilion team is waiting to serve you the most authentic Indian dishes.

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