Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Sydney To Eat And Drink: Try Them Out

Sydney is a gold mine for travellers worldwide, as you get the best beaches, places to explore, an authentic Indian restaurant in Central Coast, plenty of eat & drink places, and many more.

And when we talk about eating and drinking places, there are many. Hence it becomes a challenging task for the customers to choose the most appropriate place.

If you are visiting Sydney or live there and want to know about the best food places in Sydney, such as Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach and many more, then this post is a must-read for you.

Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Sydney To Eat & Drink

Choosing the right place to eat and drink in Sydney becomes challenging. Because of this, we are sharing these top 5 must-visit places:

1- The Grand Pavilion:

Try the taste of authentic Indian food items prepared by Indian chefs in Sydney with The Grand Pavilion Indian Restaurant. The Indian food items and the varieties are numerous, as you get a long menu filled with main course items, starters, sweet dishes, and plenty of options from veg and non-veg items.

Some of the must-try food items at The Grand Pavilion Indian Restaurant are as follows:

Chicken 65

Murg Malai Tikka

Vegetable Samosa

Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Chilli Prawn

Dal Makhani

Garlic Naan

2- Saint Peter:

If you are visiting Sydney for the first time and haven’t tried seafood till now, then we would suggest you visit Saint Peter, which Chef Josh Niland handles. The best thing about this place is you would be able to notice the chefs’ creativity in the food items.

Some of the must-try food items here are:

BBQ Sugar Snap Peas

Appellation Oysters

Special Vintage C2

Wallis Lake Blue Swimmer Crab Soup

3- 10 William Street:

When looking for the best wine bar, 10 William Street is the perfect option. Here you’ll see a long list of wines to try, along with some exceptionally cooked food items. Some must-try food items are as follows:



Leafy Salad


Sirloin & Peppers

4- Lankan Filling Station:

If you want to try out traditional Sri Lankan food items in Sydney, then Lankan Filling Station is the best casual eatery option. Some of the must-try food items at this place are as follows:

Green Pol Sambol

Egg Hopper

Eggplant Pahi


Steamed Red Rice

5- Spice I Am:

When you want to try authentic Thai cuisine, Spice I Am in Sydney is the right spot for you. Some of the must-try food items at this place are soft-shell crab tamarind, pad me kour, roast duck massaman curry, and many more.


We hope you will be able to explore plenty of places and cuisines during your trip to Sydney. Also, don’t forget to visit The Grand Pavilion Indian Restaurant for the best and most authentic Indian food,

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