Which are the 5 topmost tips to cook seafood with perfection at home?


Seafood is considered the most luxurious Indian food. This is true, there is no other better food option to have the perfect seaside dinner or candlelight dinner with our loved ones at the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney. Moreover, it is one of those meals which you can cook faster as compared to meat and it needs minimum preparation time. Order your favorite Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay and have the best time of your life.

No doubt it is easy to make but still, there is a need to have that perfection. That only comes with time and experience. Many people avoid making seafood at home because they do not know how to make it at home. If you want to prepare for it, then here are some of the tips which you should keep in mind to make your next meal with fish.

Tip 1: Get the best quality fish

When you plan to get the seafood, make sure you trust the nose and your eyes. Make sure that you do not buy the fish if it is slimy or mushy. You should not buy it as it is not fresh! Fresh seafood will give the best impact on the taste. Make sure that you buy the seafood by checking the smell and looks.

In case, the fish you get from behind the counter is not best then you should head over to the frozen section. You need to get high-quality seafood like Indian restaurants and nothing less. Make sure to look at the packaging and see if it is expired or not. Always look for a brand which is well-known in the market.

Tip 2: Make sure to pat-dry it

When you want to make the meat, you need to have a nice sear. This helps to make a golden and crispy crust that keeps in the moisture. For the perfect sear, you need to take out the water from the outside of the seafood.

Before you add the seafood into the pan or oven, make sure that you pat it from the outside and dry it using a paper towel.

How to prevent the fish from drying out?

Make sure that you take it out from the refrigerator 15 to 20 minutes before you want to cook it. You should let it warm at room temperature before you start cooking, this will keep it uniform in taste.

Tip 3: Preheat the oil or pan

If you are using a pan, make sure to preheat the pan and oil too. When you pre-heat it helps the meat to sear properly. When it is done you will know when you need to add in the fish. You can check it by splashing water and it will immediately sizzle.

To fry the seafood, you need to preheat the oil at 350. To check if it is done or not, you need to add a small piece of bread to it. You will see the bread turning brown within 45 seconds.

Tip 4: Give it proper space and make it brown

  • Make sure you add only enough amount that it does not get overcrowded. Make sure that you turn it in frequently. Make sure to leave enough space in between the seafood you want to cook. This way it will get cooked evenly and get the perfect brown color it needs. If you add too much at once, there will be excess juice that won’t get evaporated easily. Due to this, your meat will not be crispy and nice, which you want.
  • Make sure that you flip it very carefully and if you do that in a hurry it will break it. You only need to turn the fish, once it has turned completely brown. Make sure once one side is done, you should do the other one.

Tip 5: Do it carefully

Make sure that you keep your eye on the entire process. Like scallops and shrimp only take 5 minutes to cook or depending on the size it can take more time. So, make sure that you are present there and flip away from the fish quickly. If you don’t then there are high chances that you will overcook it and it won’t give you the perfect taste you want. It may get rubbery and tough. NOT WORTH EATING AT ALL. So, keep your eye on the fish to cook it perfectly.

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