These Indian Dishes made out of Spinach will Blow Your Mind. Find Out Why?

Spinach is a vegetable essential for our bodies. It contains vitamin C, vitamin K, Folic acid, Iron, and calcium. It is also the best ingredient used in some Indian dishes. The best Indian Restaurant in Central Coast has expertise in these dishes. They are the heart and soul of every Indian who knows the taste of these dishes. 

These spinach-based dishes are an eclectic mix of deliciousness coupled with nutrients. You can get these dishes in the best Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach. They know the elements which make these dishes favorite and popular worldwide. 

In this article, we will share the top ten dishes made with spinach and what makes them wholesome. These dishes are:

  1. Palak Paneer: This is easily the most favorite dish in India. The presence of cottage cheese coupled with a gravy consisting of tomato, onion, and spinach makes this dish wholesome.
  2. Palak Paratha: This is another favorite spinach-based dish in India. It is made of whole wheat and spinach puree. People eat this for lunch and dinner with pickles, lentil curry, chutney, etc.
  3. Palak Paneer Roll: This is a mix of the first two dishes mentioned above. Palak paneer rolled in palak paratha makes for a heavenly experience. The addition of chutney or pickles will enhance this experience to a higher level. 
  4. Palak Omelette: Who thought one could ever make an omelette with spinach fillings? This omelette is best served in the presence of guests and will satisfy all your taste buds.
  5. Palak Pakora: This recipe consists of spinach puree mixed with masala and filled in gram flour made in different shapes. These are then deep-fried in oil. This dish is served with tea or any beverage in the evening.
  6. Hara-Bhara Kabab: This kebab is a brilliant appetizer to serve with burgers and patties. The name may mislead you, but this recipe of spinach and mixed vegetables are mixed and thoroughly fried in a pan instead of charcoal or grill.
  7. Palak Rice; It is an eclectic mix of rice and spinach cooked with various spices. You can eat this dish with curries or separately.
  8. Palak Paneer Bhurji: This dish is made of scrambled cottage cheese and spinach. This dish tastes awesome with roti(tortilla) and bread.
  9. Dal Palak: This is the best side dish in India. This dish is made of spinach and lentils cooked with basic spices. You can have this dish with rice or tortilla (roti).
  10. Chana Palak: Made of chickpeas and spinach gravy along with an eclectic mix of spices, you cook this dish on low flame. This dish is made within a few moments. This dish can be enjoyed with jeera rice, ghee rice, coconut rice, basmati rice, and chapati/roti (tortilla). 

Spinach is known to be rich in nutrients. But it is also good to be served with snacks if you cook it with the right recipe and masalas. Hence, spinach-based dishes are the best.

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