The Grand Pavilion: Discover the Finest Indian Restaurant

The Grand Pavilion is a top Indian Restaurant in Central Coast. Our talented chefs have produced a symphony of flavors to transport your taste buds on a wonderful journey. At our restaurant, we take great pride in our menu, which highlights the original flavors of Indian cuisine. That maintains a touch of modernity. Allow our dedicated team to guide you through a dining experience. That satisfies your need for the best Indian cuisine while you forget yourself in a relaxing setting.

Tandoori Temptations: Taste Indian Cuisine at Its Sizzling Perfection

See for yourself how amazing the tandoori food is at The Grand Pavilion. Anything that comes out of our old clay oven is a masterpiece of soft textures and smoky flavors. Both meat eaters and vegans will find tasty selections on our tandoori menu. We provide tasty kebabs spiced with soft tandoori chicken grilled in flavorful spices. Experience the traditional art of cooking, and let the popular flavors of grilled food transport you to the streets of India.

Enjoy the Finest Indian Dining Experience with Superb Flavors 

At The Grand Pavilion, you may enter a delicious world of gastronomy and taste Indian flavors with every meal. Our eatery transports you to the busy streets of India by offering meals that truly represent the country’s delicious food. You’ll love the tasty food produced with flavorful spices and carefully crafted recipes. Our skilled chefs combine both conventional and contemporary methods to produce a symphony of flavors that will have you wanting more. 

 Veg Delights Offer an explosion of Flavors

We respect a wide range of vegan Indian delicious traditions at our restaurant. Enjoy a variety of colorful and spicy vegetarian meals that show the beauty of local food and flavorful spices. Our vegan menu offers a wide variety of flavors and textures. That will be popular with every diner if they love rich paneer tikka masala or flavorful vegetarian biryani. Our vegetarian pleasures offer a culinary adventure, whether you’re a committed vegetarian or you’re just curious about meatless options.

Enjoy Yourself in the Love of Indian Hospitality in a Private Space

For a taste of real Indian hospitality, come to our restaurant. Our warm and inviting setting offers a lovely dining experience. A place where you relax and enjoy each moment is created by warm lighting, attractive décor, and committed staff. Let us guide you through our food, provide the perfect wine combination, and completely meet your food preferences. Whether you’re dining alone or with loved ones, our welcoming climate ensures an evening to remember.


A Memorable Dining Experience: Where Authenticity and Innovation Meet

The Grand Pavilion values both the use of modern cooking methods and legendary Indian culinary traditions. Our chefs expertly mix traditional cooking methods with modern ideas to create a menu that offers original gastronomic pleasure. Discover unique flavors and feelings as classic dishes change to showcase the range and creativity of Indian cuisine. You start on a culinary journey with each bite that creates traditional flavors. Prepare to be happy as we offer a meal that beats expectations.


In summary, our restaurant offers the height of gastronomic quality. This welcomes you to try the best Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach. With our dedication to real hospitality, we create a dining location that meets expectations. Whether you’re looking for an attractive dinner with loved ones or just a taste of the vibrant world of Indian cuisine. That is ready to transport you there.

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