Relish The Flavor Of Spices With These Popular Indian Dishes Globally

Have you ever tried Indian cuisine before?

If not, this is the right time to manifest one!


It is pretty simple; all you have to do is order some delicious delicacies from an Indian Restaurant in Sydney and enjoy the meal.

 Indian Food In Its Full Glory

Indian cuisine is known for serving some of the most outrageous dishes of all time. Their passion for cooking and eating food is unmatchable; there is no fight!

Their unique flavors and aromatic flavors can make anybody drool for more. You will not get to try such special dishes packed with unlimited palate. The key ingredient that makes the Indian dish glorify its complication is its spices. It is infinite and exotic, bringing up the level of Indian food in Sydney. 

Spices That Makes The Curries Bold

There are many spices or, as the locals call it, “Masala.” Some of the most common spices include:

  1. Cardamom
  2. Clove
  3. Cassia bark
  4. Black pepper
  5. Cumin
  6. Coriander
  7. Nutmeg and mace
  8. Mustard seeds
  9. Fenugreek
  10. Turmeric
  11. Dhansak masala
  12. Garam masala
  13. Carom seeds
  14. Tamarind
  15. Bay leaves
  16. Curvy leaves

These are some of the most iconic Indian dishes that include the common Indian spices to make the delicacy more exotic and bold.

 Popular Indian Dishes All Over The World

  • Chicken tikka masala

It is indeed one of the most sought dishes from an Indian restaurant. Our chef marinates small pieces of chicken in a concoction of several spices and yogurt to tenderize the meat. They cook the chicken pieces in tandoor to give them a grilled or charred texture. After that, they finally mix it with special gravy that the chef prepares from tomato, cream, coconut milk, and coriander mixture.

A mouth-watering taste that will stamp its mark. 

  • Biryani

It is a perfect example of the abundance of spices. Biryani is a complicated dish that is not easy to accomplish. Our chefs are experts who know how to avoid overlapping spices and balance them tremendously.

Biryani is a layered rice dish wherein the chef layers the meat or vegetable curry then one at a time in a handi or Dum (vessels) and cooks them till it is tender and ready to devour. 

  • Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is an excellent choice for snacking or appetizers. It is a popular item that has varieties of spices in them. The chef marinates chicken pieces beforehand to give them an extra punch of flavor. To cook the pieces, the chef uses Tandoor, an oven clay (hence the name of the dish).

Tandoori chicken also has different variations, including Murg Kabab Seekh, Murghi Bhogar, or Chirga. 

  • Shahi Paneer

For the vegetarian lover, shahi paneer is indeed royal (shahi means Royal). The chef prepares the dish with mild flavors such as dried fenugreek leaves, red chili powder, cumin powder, and turmeric. Shahi paneer is known for having a creamy and velvety texture. It is typically mild in comparison to other Indian dishes.

You can pair it with some naan or rice to enhance the dish. 

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