Techniques Of Indian Cooking That Adds A WOW Factor To The Dish!

Indian cooking is very popular for using techniques and styles that cannot be copied by everyone. The way they infuse the masalas and the ingredients with extraordinary techniques is incredible. The technique that they used helped to enhance the flavours of the dishes cooked in a whole different way notch it up.

Indian Restaurant In Sydney can give you that experience that you have been craving for since forever.

Indian Cooking Is A Whole Experience

If you are a true explorer of cuisine and call yourself a “foodie” you must have tried Indian food ( if not, what are you waiting for? Go order that meal NOW!) you would know that experiencing Indian food leads you to a whole different universe. The Indian cooking method has a way that could make you experience the whole journey.

Restaurant In Terrigal is trying to incorporate the way of traditional cooking to maintain the authenticity of its cuisine and recipes. Try out the dishes that could make you fall in love with its historical methods of cooking along with its heritage.

Indian Cooking Technique: The WOW Factor!

To learn about the cuisine of any particular region, it is important to understand where it gets its WOW factor. It cannot just be the recipe, some other aspects hold a light towards the dish, especially if we talk about Indian dishes.

Indian cooking style takes the cake to make the dish more delicious. With its extreme cooking method, you can never go wrong to deliver the authentic taste, but it is not a task of a child, one must require skill to get that technique to perfection and present the treat of a deliciously cooked meal.

A Glance Of Indian Cooking Method!

Different ways are used to prepare extensive dishes in Indian cuisine. Some of the procedures are:

  • Tempering (Tarka or Baghar): it is a process where the blooming of the whole spices or masalas are done in hot ghee to enhance the flavours of the spices which also brings the aroma to the dish. It can be prepared for any items like cooking vegetable curry, dal, chutneys and other dishes. According to the dish the timing of the ‘Tarka’ changes. For example, for daal, the tempering is added in the end on top of it, whereas in vegetables the ‘Tarka’ begins at the beginning of the cooking preparation.

  • Sauteing (Bhunao): Indian cooking style needs a constant stirring of the vegetables in medium to high flame. Add some vegetables and stir it constantly till it becomes a spiced thick paste which can be turned into a gravy by thinning it. Note: do not let the ingredients burn down, your goal is to caramelize them till it’s brown. The end result will be delicious and rich in flavour dishes.


At The Grand Pavilion, try out the Indian dishes that are cooked traditionally and authentically, to enhance their taste and flavours.

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