4 topmost reasons why Australians prefer and love to have Indian food

Are you crazy about trying new cuisine? Have you ever tried Indian food?

If Yes! Then you know what makes it the best. At The Grand Pavilion, not only do we have an Indian customer base, but even many of our daily customers are Australians. We have interacted with many of them and they always say that ‘They cannot resist themselves to visit the best Indian Restaurant Terrigal.’ Indian Restaurant in Sydney is the first preference of many Australians when they want to have something tasty and healthy. Well! That’s not all but there are many reasons why Australians prefer to have Indian food.

Reason 1: Plethora of Traditional Spices

No matter which cuisine you talk about there is no one like Indian cuisine which has such a vast variety of Indian spices. There are several spices that you can include in a particular dish like curry powder, garam masala, red chili powder, cayenne, and much more.

No doubt, there is a combination of different ingredients and the best part is that nothing is going to overlap one another. Trust me! Every dish which you are going to taste will be different from one another.

Reason 2: Unique and simple cooking method

What makes Indian food mouth-watering? It is the way Indian spices and herbs are cooked for a particular dish. Whether you are having the tandoori item, curry, or any sabzi (vegetable) each of them has something different about them.

  • Tadka or Baghar: Tempering
  • Dum: Steaming
  • Bhunao: Sautéing
  • Dhuanaar: Smoking
  • Talina or Talna: Deep-frying
  • Tandoori: Roasting/Baking

The use of different cooking methods and techniques is what helps to make the food taste delicious and best.

Reason 3: Different flavors from all over India

It is not just about the unique flavors but there is the diversity of flavors. You can have anything be it sour, sweet, tangy, hot, spicy, or salty. Australians love to have a combination of these foods. The best part is that they can be paired with anything and still the dish will be mouth-watering. When you visit the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, you can be sure that you will be getting authentic Indian food.

Reason 4: Greatest for overall strength

What’s better than having food which is tasty and nutritious at the same time? There is no surprise how good the nutritional value is in Indian food. Indeed, it is going to make sure that your body gets all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein it needs. Whether you have vegetarian or nonvegetarian food, both of them have the essential nutrients which make the body strong.

Wrap up!

Well! It is not the wrap-up of reasons. We can go on and on talking about why Australians prefer Indian food or what makes it best that people demand Indian dishes, wherever they go. Instead of saying it, why not show you how it is best?

Sounds good!

Visit The Grand Pavilion and get to taste the amazing Indian dishes yourself in the perfect environment with the best hospitality.

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