Plan A Beautiful Date And Before Ending It With Delicious Indian Food

Planning a date can be hard! Especially if you really want to impress your partner. Our best bet is undoubtedly a dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay. But if you want to make it extra special, spend time with them throughout the day. Then we have got you a list of things you can do to enjoy together.

A nice romantic dinner date is always the safest bet and a clear win. People love to enjoy delicious food with their loved ones. Indian food can be your sweet ending to a remarkable day.

List Of Activities You Can Do Before You Go Out For A Dinner Date

This is one of the things you can do together with your partner and get to know each other before you beautifully end it with Indian food in Sydney.


  • You can go on a picnic.

I know it is cliche but believe me, you will love each moment intensely. It is a cute and quite refreshing way to spend some quality time together. Nothing is more romantic than spreading a blanket outdoors and relishing the excellent weather. The sunny day with a cool breeze is calling. Add some fresh fruits and snacks to munch on.


  • You can take a hike.

If both you and your partner love to stay fit. This could be a great way to bond with each other. Make a plan together and go for a hike early in the morning or late evening to freshen up a little. Stay fit together while enjoying each other’s company. Moreover, dinner from the best Indian Restaurant Terrigal, post-workout, will taste so much better and more delicious.


  • Play a board game

This is a great solution for all the homebody. By the way, you will make a great pair. Plan a day indoors, play some board games and stay in your comfort without being under the scrutiny of others. And after all the games, order some scrumptious Indian food and enjoy it in your cocoon.


  • Visit a zoo

Come on! Do not ignore this fun activity. It is childish and so much fun. Ignite the child in you with your loved ones and fall in love with all trivial things together.


  • Take out for dinner.

A planned dinner can never go wrong. It is the ultimate romantic gesture of all time. A fulfilled stomach is equivalent to a happy mood. And it might also let you win some extra brownie points.


If you are someone who has never tried Indian food before, but you love to devour it. Do not worry; we have made a list for you to know your Indian food.

Must Try Indian food

  • Butter chicken

No matter what your taste bud is, you will fall in love with this delicious slice of heaven. A creamy and butter gravy with succulent and tender chicken pieces. Pair it with some garlic naan or rice.


  • Kadai Paneer

If you are a vegetarian or do not want to try out meat. Then order this spicy preparation of onions and capsicum along with paneer. Order some butter naan and enjoy the meal.

Final Comments

Order now from The Grand Pavilion and taste the flavors of Indian cuisine. Make your date extraordinary with us.

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