What Dishes Should A Picky Eater Order From An Indian Restaurant?

Indian food is one of the cuisines which can not be hated by anyone. It is impossible to do so. Food items from an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay cater to all kinds of people from all age groups. I know it sounds dubious but believes me, you would never not be happy with Indian curries and its scrumptious entrees.

Dining in or ordering some Indian food for yourself or your family members, you would want to enjoy every morsel like it’s your first and last meal which can only be achieved if you order the suitable dish at the right place.

But this seems complicated when you are a picky eater. Do not like spicy food, have a minimal palette, and do not like to enjoy other cultural food items because of their complex recipes and flavor profile.

Do not worry; we have got you covered. Next time you visit an Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach with your friends and family, and you do not see any comforting dish that you love, you can easily make your Indian dishes in your comfort zone.

Must-Try Dishes For Picky Eater

Let us begin this blog by curating a menu list for those who have a little trouble selecting food items or trying out new cuisine.

  • Butter chicken

Obviously, we will start with the most famous Indian dish that has won many hearts, without a doubt. People have fallen in love with this magnificent dish that is rich and velvety. This is a perfect meal for someone who has very low spice tolerance. Butter chicken is the gate of heaven with mild spiciness and aromatic flavor, which would make you eat it again and again. Trust us with the best creation of Indian food, which would make you try out other dishes.

  • Paneer dishes

Next come those who are picky eaters because of their eating habits, including vegetarians. It is not easy to find a place that serves vegetarian dishes without butchering them up. But this is not the case with Indian restaurants; most Indians are vegetarians because of their religious beliefs, which is why they have several dishes that surround vegetarians items. One that wins the spot is paneer, a tremendous alternative substance to meat; replace the meat with paneer in any gravy base and enjoy your meal. Some of the popular paneer Indian dishes are Kadai paneer, butter paneer masala, Matar paneer, and many more.

  • Entrees for all

Do you know what else can satisfy some of those eaters who always find something or the other wrong with the cuisine? There are so many options to choose from our entrees, and each one of them will blow your mind for sure. You can get it all from our menu list, from chicken tandoori to samosa. Do not forget to try out some of those scrumptious Murg malai tikka, potatoes cakes, curry puffs, vegetarian spring rolls, crispy stuffed mushrooms, tandoori fish tikka, sheek kebab, tandoori paneer tikka, and many more.

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