Which are the most delectable Indian side dishes you should try out?

Indian food has slowly started to get huge attention around the entire globe. It’s one of those cuisines which is known for having that traditional touch and everything present in it is way too different. Indian food is the combination of 4 different regions: North, South, East & West. This is one of the major reasons Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay demand is gradually increasing with time & people are getting fascinated to try out every possible option available in the Indian food menu.

There is one thing called a side dish which makes the entire meal complete & there is no way that you will be able to resist the same. Let’s have a better understanding of the side dishes.

Mouth-watering Indian Side Dishes

On your visit to one of the best Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach make sure that you try to include the side dishes. As the name suggests these are just the small portion of food that is delectable in all ways. The side dish allows to strike that balance with the entire dish. In other words, it does help in giving the dish that added taste & compliment to make it as a whole. Depending on what is your liking you can choose the side dish available on the Indian restaurant menu. Here are some of those options which you should try out:

  • Pappadums

If you are looking for something extremely light & best then papadam or appalam is worth trying out. It is deep-fried & made with black gram bean flour which is either cooked or fried till the time it is properly crunchy. Moreover, other options are used like rice flour, chickpea flour, lentils flour, or potato flour.

  • Cucumber yogurt

Cucumber yogurt is great to have in summers. Cucumber is diced in small parts or grated & then it’s added into the yogurt. Additionally, different spices are added to it to make it tasty by all means.

  • Lime pickle

Do you like to have pickles? Make sure that you try out the lime pickle. It’s loved because of its sweet & sour taste. Moreover, it’s even great for digestion because of the added spices which are put into the pickle to make it tasty.

  • Sweet mango chutney

Do you like mangoes? If yes then relish your taste buds with mango chutney. It’s great in terms of its sweet & sour taste which makes the entire meal balanced. Do you know, chutney in English is referred to as relish.

  • Mix pickle

Mix pickle is another variety of pickle which is a combination of different options. The different options which are added include carrots, cauliflower, onion, & bell peppers. Additionally, there are several Indian spices that are enough to delight your taste buds.

Apart from these, there are options like tomato, onion, cucumber & coriander salsa, lacha pyaz (Spiced masala onions), and mint sauce.


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