Looking For Some Home-Style Indian Meals? Try These in Central Coast

Every Indian Restaurant states that they offer home-style Indian food, but in reality, not everyone is able to match the taste of home food.

But, when we talk about home-style Indian meals at the central coast, The Grand Pavillion Indian Restaurant in Central Coast is the most famous and loved Restaurant because we offer high-quality, hygienic, home-style Indian cooked food.

Today we are going to share a list of a few Indian food items that you should try out at our Restaurant for that homely feeling.

How Is The Grand Pavilion Able To Offer Home-Style Indian Cooked Food?

The biggest difference we made is around choosing the right chefs who are going to cook Indian food at our Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach. We have made sure that all our chefs have prior experience in Indian cuisine, with the help of which they can offer Indian food with authentic taste.

Secondly, we try out new Indian food items every single day with the help of which we have mastered those food items. This also becomes a reason that we are able to add plenty of new Indian food items to the list.

Top Home-Style Indian Meals You Should Try

 Let us have a look at those Indian food items you should try:

1- Aloo Gobi:

Most people must think that it’s an ordinary dish, but when we talk about the authentic Indian taste in Aloo gobi, that comes with two major reasons. The first reason is the way you are cutting aloo and gobi pieces for the dish; the second important reason is the type of spices you are adding to the dish.

And at The Grand Pavilion Restaurant, you would be able to get all these factors in the right amount.

2- Dahi Tadka:

Here is a special Indian dish that is specifically cooked in North India. Usually, they cook this dish when they have to prepare it within just 5-10 minutes, and they don’t have a lot of vegetables to cook a proper meal.

The dahi tadka dish is cooked using dahi, a little bit of oil or ghee, and a few spices. In a frypan, ghee is added with all the spices to add such as jeera, salt, and more. Later dahi is added in the same and mixed well.

At last, you would be able to get a healthy yet tasty food item. If you are having digestion-related health issues, then dahi tadka is the best Indian food item for you.

3- Dal Makhani:

There are a number of places that use artificial flavors for their dal makhani, but at our Indian Restaurant, we have the most experienced chefs who are there to cook the best dal makhani for you.

We use authentic Indian spices along with white butter and not the yellow salted butter that makes the taste of dal saltier.


Finding home-style Indian meals is difficult these days, but whenever you find one such place, make sure to try out the food items that are mentioned above. Secondly, if you want to try out authentic Indian food items, The Grand Pavilion Restaurant is here to help you out.

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