List Of Indian Spices That Gives A Dish An Authentic Flavor

List Of Indian Spices: Spices are an integral part of Indian cooking; it gives an extra oomph of flavor to the dish and is also known for their various healthy components.

Without spices, Indian food would be nothing; it is impossible to eliminate one from the other. The vital part to remember while creating Indian cuisine is the balance of spices. Indians generally use 4-5 masalas (spices) in all of the dishes, and each one gives a different flavor and aroma.

The Grand Pavilion, an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay, has easily decoded the balance of each spice, thus creating dishes that are so flavorsome that you would come back to us again and again to devour the authentic Indian dishes.

Spices That Goes In Indian Cooking

All these spices are a part of ingredients infused in the Indian dishes made by us in Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach; if you want to enjoy the meals that have tons of balanced seasoning that could notch up your meal, you must visit us.

  • Cumin (Jeera): an essential ingredient in all Indian dishes which gives a warm and nutty flavor. It helps create a different dimension to Indian dishes that you so loved. You can add it in two different ways- whole cumin seeds for tempering, and the grounded and roasted cumin is added later in the cooking process to give an extra kick. It is a good substitute for adding that earthy tone to the dishes like curries, dals (lentils), and soups.
  • Black Mustard Seeds (Rai): it is an essential spice in the southern region to give the dishes a nutty and extra flavor. They are used in various recipes, including curries, pickles, salads, and chutneys. Just add them to the hot oil and wait for them to crackle and release their aroma.
  • Asafetida (Hing): dried and grounded tree resin with a pungent and mellow taste. Asafetida is a strong spice in Indian cooking. It releases its aromatics after being dropped in the hot oil or ghee. It has a musky flavor that adds a smooth and umami taste to any dish, including lentils, curries, and beans.
  • Ground Turmeric (Haldi): a healing spice that leaves behind bright yellow color to the curries gives a woody taste to the Indian dishes. It is prevalent for its antibiotics component; Thus, not only is it beneficial for adding in the curries but also a prime ingredient for having a healing property.
  • Garam Masala: the literal meaning of Garam Masala means “warm spice mix.” It is basically a blend of quintessential spices. Various whole species are roasted and ground to make this masala. A unique thing to note down is that each kitchen has a different recipe for making Garam Masala.
  • Coriander (Dhaniya): an important spice to make various curries such as Vindaloo, Malabar curry, Rasam, and Sambhar. It gives an earthy tone to the dish’s flavor and is well paired with Cumin.

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