List Of Delicious Items You Could Pair With Different Types Of Naan

8 out of 10 people would introduce themselves as a “Food Lover,” also known as “foodie.” It is no more a tag for those who indulge in delicious food. It is now an identity.

When we asked one of the frequent food lovers named Kevin who often vlogs at different restaurants about his passion, he concluded the statement with the saying that “I live for food.” An intriguing statement that further broch the subject of the favorite food that he adores the most. Without taking a second, he replied with Indian cuisine. “I love butter, I love naan, and I love the curries that go well with it.”

For a non-Indian, he did know a lot of things about Indian cuisine and what is the best dish you could try out at the Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay. Thus taking help from him, we have curated a list of things you could try out with Kevin’s favorite items- “Naan” at an Indian restaurant.

Different Types Of Naans You Should Try

  • Plain Naan

Let us start with something basic and OG. Naan is a staple side dish that you can get at any Indian Restaurant on Ettalong Beach. Naan is a flatbread made of leavened dough. With Chewy consistency, it goes well with the main course. This is the perfect side dish to satisfy your cravings if you want something simple. 

  • Butter naan

A beautiful addition to plain naan. “BUTTER”! There is no such thing as too little butter. Smeared that naan with some butter and enjoyed the meal wholeheartedly. I know it might seem like a heart attack but indulging in it once in a while is not wrong.

  • Garlic naan

Another version of the original side dish, this technique gives the naan an aromatic flavor which everyone greatly loves. It is equivalent to garlic bread but with more superiority.

Dishes That Pairs Well With Naan

  • Butter chicken

It is a survey not only based on Kevin’s remarks. But also by other food lovers who order butter chicken with naan. And if you have not tried it yet, do it immediately and learn the hype yourself. The creamy texture of the gravy is the perfect match with any kind of naan.

  • Yellow dal and spinach

Another item that would go perfect with naan is this lentil and spinach stew. In this main course, a perfect blend of masala complemented with naan is here to win the heart. A simple, light but toothsome item.

  • Palak paneer

The spinach and paneer (Indian cheese) recipe is a north Indian favorite. It is a perfect dish that you would pair with naan. “garlic naan is undoubtedly the best with palak paneer,” said Kevin, and you can not say no to the person who lived to eat.

  • Chicken Korma

Wanted to try something new. Well, chicken korma is ready to be served, especially for you and your love of naan.

Ending The Feast

In the end, when we asked Kevin which restaurant was the best to try out these dishes. He was quick to respond with The Grand Pavilion, and we agree with him completely.

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