Inexpensive Indian Dishes That Will Never Fail To Entice Us!

Can you imagine food that is so packed with flavour to be so affordable?

Never if you think! Well, guess what you can get varieties of food items in India at just rupees 50 which would equate to roughly 1 dollar in Australia.

Are you shocked? Well, do not be because the food items that you are going to read about are not only affordable but so good in taste, that the Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay had added those in their menu to attract food lovers.

Let us now begin the list of the most delicious items that you can enjoy at just 1 dollar in India

Indian Dishes

  1. Samosa: any event or get together, you will always notice samosa on the plate. It is not a dish it is an emotion for many. Samosa is a puff pastry that is filled with mashed potatoes and infused with spices. It is the king of the street food that has also started to make an appearance in Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach. It is so affordable with its minimum pricing that both your mouth and pocket will have a party.
  2. Pav Bhaji: another delicious street food item that is very famous. A bhaji (gravy) which is made of mashed vegetables infused with so many ground spices is served with pav which is a soft bun. Sprinkle lemon and onion in it and do not forget to add extra butter. It is a dish that is fulfilling at such an affordable price.
  3. Aloo Tikki: you would love this delicious item in the cold winter. Hot pipping shallow fried mashed potatoes mixed with some spices and peas assorted with green chutney and tamarind chutney and yoghurt. You can easily get this at rupees 30-50 which is a whopping 1 dollar.
  4. Momo: originated from the range of Himalayas, it is a steam dumpling that is filled with vegetables or meat served with some spicy chutney(sauce) made of red chillies. It has gained a lot of popularity recently in the native states.
  5. Gol-Gappe: it has many names depending on the region. For Kolkata it is puchka for Mumbai it is pani puri and for the northern it is gol-gappas. But whatever the name be, it is something that is a burst of so many different flavours at once. It is basically the OG of street dishes from India. Though it is an affordable item, do remember it is so addictive that you might empty your pocket by consuming all the gol-gappes. OOPS!
  6. Vada Pav: a staple breakfast or evening snack item in Maharashtra, it is a dish that is so delicious that you would not believe that is so inexpensive. Vada, a fried potato dumpling is filled in the pav which is a soft bun smeared in green chutney.
  7. Kachori: it is a very famous breakfast item in the northern region that is served with potatoes stew. It is a soul foul dish that does not dent your wallet.

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