6 Indian Dishes That Are Recommended To The Non-Desi People!

Indian food has a different fan base! Anybody that has once tried the cuisine of India would agree to this line easily. Nobody can cook the way Indians cook their meals. The way the flavour mixes to form a beautiful creation is exceptional.

Not only “desi” people are hoarding towards the gate of Indian dishes, there are millions of fans of Indian cuisine who are foreigners, many have not yet tried any dish but have been hearing a lot from their friends and family.

If you are one of those, you can try your hand at tasting some delicious and tasty Indian cuisine from Restaurant in Terrigal and quench your craving with an extremely satisfying meal.

6 Indian Dishes Recommended To The Non-Desi People

There are ample dishes that are a must-try for the foreigners in Indian Restaurant in Sydney, YOU! My friend can indulge in anything that you want to try from Indian Cuisine.

  • Gol Gappa: the best Indian street food that is a burst of flavours, it is so different from anything that any foreigner might have tried before. It is a fried ball made of flour filled with potatoes, tamarind and mint water.
  • Tandoori Chicken: very famous in almost every restaurant that serves Indian food, it is the best chicken preparation dish that has found its place worldwide. Tandoori chicken is prepared by marinating it overnight in curd, some masalas(spices) and lemon, it is later roasted in the tandoor(clay oven) and served hot with some delicious and spicy mint chutney. • Aloo Paratha: a most famous Indian breakfast that is served with some homemade pickles and curd, it is the heart of the north Indians. It is the bread that is stuffed with a filling of potatoes and spices. DO NOT forget to add some butter on top of it for some extra love and taste.
  • Biryani: if you have never tried this, this is your time to reach the gate of heaven. A dish that is so aromatic and flavorful that you cannot forget its taste for years. It is a rice dish prepared beautifully in a layer of rice and curry(preferably chicken or lamb). It is served hot with some raita.
  • Idli-Dosa: straight from the region of south Indian, it is now very popular in other regions of the country as well, a staple breakfast for man, it is served hot with some coconut chutney and sambar. It is also known for its healthy component and light but fulfilling breakfast.
  • Pav- Bhaji: another favourite of Indian street food, it is a dish that originated in the state of Maharashtra. Bhaji is prepared by mashing all the vegetables together and cooking with many spices that would bring water to your mouth. Served with the pavs( bread buns).

Food And Its Lover Welcome Aboard!

The Grand Pavilion serves you authentic Indian dishes that you can try and fulfil your tastebuds with some extremely delicious and beautifully crafted dishes. So do not leave this opportunity and Dine-In.

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