Tips By Professional Chefs: Make 5-Star Restaurant Style Biryani

Are you also that Diet-Cheater who used to secretly order Indian food, then stealthily take it upstairs (in your room), close the doors, raise the curtains and step into the Flavour-Land?

Hey! Go to the Flavour-Land once you have read my blog.

Australia has been able to bring out the authenticness of Indian food with the help of some pro-tips.

Earlier there was a notion that no country other than Indian can bring out the brilliance of taste and presentation in Biryani. But the Indian Food in Sydney has written a completely new history of the flavors.

Tips to bring the best taste in Biryani

Do not go for cheap ingredient options

No doubt, there are both kinds of ingredients available in the market – cheap and costly to fit the budget needs. But if you want to enjoy a 5-star restaurant like Biryani, then why are you going for a single start ingredient?

Separate Cooking

There is a thumb rule for making the perfect Biyani: Cooking Rice, Meat, and the other ingredients separately.

If you speak about something particularly concerned with rice, you must not overcook it or your Biryani will become Khichdi.

Choose Right: Rice & Cooking Technique

Biryani is all about Rice and the cooking technique. Here is a pro tip for you: “Pack the roasted spices in a potli, then add it to the water in which you are going to boil the rice. It’s not over yet. Keep patience. After a while, add the lime juice to the boiling rice.”

Use only: ‘FRIED ONIONS”

This requires you to give the sliced chopping to your onions. Fry them. Corroborate! They must not be extra crispy or crunchy, but their colour has to be a nice golden brown.

Moisten the rice

Once you add the vegetables and meat to your BIryani, it will go a bit dry. It may taste 99% well, but why

to give that 1% a chance to let it not taste that well. Add some moisture side by side. You can use any of the following:

  • Ghee

  • Butter

  • Milk

  • Meat

  • Rose Water

  • Kewda

  • Edible fragrance

Vessels matters

Best vessels for the Biryani do contain the following characteristics:

  • They are made up of either Copper or Brass

  • They are perfectly tinned

  • They are heavy bottomed

Neither cook less nor more

A perfect cooking time is a secret to bringing out perfection in Biryani. If you overcook it, then congratulations, you have successfully made a disaster since the meshy biryani is never a thing and it neither tastes tasty.

For perfection follow the tips:

  • Soak the rice in water before you boil them

  • Do not thoroughly cook the rice on the first go. They must be semi-cooked

  • Check the cooking status of the rice by meshing them in your fingers.

  • Make use of the spiced water.

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