How to make different types of parathas?

Indian restaurants make a variety of dishes. If you like eating flatbread in the morning, try Indian stuffed parathas. It is made with whole wheat and refined wheat flour. It gives you proper nutrients and makes you healthy. Indians make many kinds of parathas you can eat with pickles and curd. If you want to try, visit an Indian Restaurant in Central Coast.

Types of parathas

Indian people make different and various types of parathas. You can easily make parathas at home. When you taste the parathas, you feel delighted; all parathas depend on the vegetables’ seasons. There are some parathas. 

Aloo paratha

Indian moms often make aloo paratha. Children like to eat aloo paratha. Aloo paratha is made with all-purpose flour and stuffed with boiled spicy potatoes. You can easily make it at home with ingredients such as boiled potatoes after you mash them and add species like salt, turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, green chili, and garam masala. Afterward, fill in the dough and bake in tawa. After cooking, you serve it with pickles, curd, and tea.

Methi paratha

The winter season often makes methi paratha. Paratha makes some ingredients such as fresh fenugreek leaves, all-purpose flour, salt, and green chili. If you want to eat healthy, then methi paratha is your best option. Having proper nutrients helps to maintain your fitness. 

Cheese paratha 

If you are bored eating regular parathas, then you try cheese parathas. It is made with some ingredients, such as cheese, green chili, salt, onion, garlic, coriander leaves, and garam masala. That thing gives a unique taste. Mix all ingredients after filling the dough with whole wheat flour after baking with butter. Then you try with pickles. 

Spinach paratha

spinach contains a lot of nutrients. If you want green leafy paratha. Then you try spinach parathas. It helps to maintain your fitness. You can easily make it with fresh spinach leaves, salt, green chili, and garlic. Before mixing whole wheat flour, boil and grind leaves to make it puree. Cook and serve with curd.  

Mushroom paratha

 If you want a new type of paratha, try mushroom paratha. But you can not easily find mushroom paratha at the restaurant you rarely find because some restaurants make this type of paratha. The paratha is made with mushrooms and some spices. 


Garlic paratha is famous in North indian. Garlic paratha is beneficial for health. You can eat anytime a day. 


If you like to eat egg cuisine, you can try egg paratha. When you eat, then you feel soft and delicious. Egg paratha makes some ingredients you can make in a few minutes, like taking an egg, making a batter, and adding onion and spices after filling in flatbread after you serve. 


Keema paratha is made with whole wheat flour while stuffing chicken and mutton keema after baking in tawa. Children like this type of paratha, which also helps give a healthy life. 

Gobi paratha

North Indian people like to eat gobi paratha at breakfast. Gobi paratha is made with cauliflower, crushed, and mixed with spices after filling in flatbread. Then you bake in tawa. After cooking, you can serve it with pickles. 

Dry fruit paratha

If you want a unique taste like sweet and salty paratha, you can try dry fruit paratha made with some ingredients such as cashews, almonds, and other dry fruit. First, grind all dry fruit after filling in flatbread.  

If you want healthy food, you can go to an Indian Restaurant in Warners Way. They make a variety of Indian dishes using the finest ingredients. 

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