An Expert Guide: Attributes Of Indian Dishes And List Of Order

Indians crave curry. From biryani to butter chicken, there are just so many things to try and devour.

In India, the cuisine consists of so many “curries” and it holds so many meanings that you can not put them in a box.

The only way to give a dish a different dimension is through the use of spices. Each spice brings a whole next level of taste which manifests to become greater than before.

Apart from that, let us not forget the importance and vibe of side dishes and what it brings to the plate.

This ignites a burning question in many of us: what are some of the most famous Indian dishes you should try from the best Indian Restaurant?

Categories of Indian Cuisine

We all know the diversity of India, it is impossible to put all the delicious dishes from Indian Restaurant in Terrigal in one category. This is beneficial for you as there are just so many items to try each time.

This could also turn out to be overwhelming for beginners. Hence we have curated a list for you to break down its complexity and divide the food into two groups: North and South.

Attributes Of Food From North India

  • You will get spices and vegetable regions. Tons of vegetarian options for vegetarian lovers.
  • Northies incline towards the bread such naan over rice.
  • North Indian food is rich in spices, but it is comparatively mild in spiciness as compared to south Indian dishes.
  • North Indian food is more rich and velvety in texture.

Attributes Of Food From South India

  • Their curries are supposedly spicier and hotter than the north Indian food.
  • South Indians prefer their rice over bread, unlike the northies. It is very popular along with some dal (lentil soup).
  • You will get to try different seafood items in south Indian cuisine because of its coastal region.
  • There are tons of options for meat lovers in south Indian cuisine.

Indian Dishes You Should Try Once

Order this delicious Indian food from the Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach and enjoy the taste of India and its heritage.

  • Biryani

A complex layered dish with tons of flavors and aromatic taste. The spices and the herbs accentuate the taste buds. A never tried a rice dish with tons of variety.

  • Butter chicken

If you are getting into an Indian restaurant and do not order butter chicken then you are ready to complete a sin. The rich texture with mild flavors goes so well with the doughy and butter naan.

  • Dosa

Dosa is an Indian savory pancake or crepe. Made from fermented lentils and rice batter it goes very well along with some sambar and coconut chutneys.

  • Gulab jamun

For your dessert, you can never go wrong with this delicious ball of sweetness. It is a doughnut that is filled with sugary syrup and goodness.

Drool-Worthy Order

The Grand Pavilion is ready to take your order for some of the most delicious and drool-worthy Indian dishes that you will fall in love with.

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