Grand Pavillion’s Guide on – The drinks that complement Indian food well

The Grand Pavillion’s awesome guide of what is to be drunk with Indian food to make sure its taste can be enhanced. According to the chefs of the Indian restaurant in Sydney, “There should be a description of some of the pointers which can help to decide which drink is to be ordered at that particular time.”


For Deciding Which Category Of Drink To Be Ordered

  • For hotter food, always consider ordering the Lassi

The chefs of the Indian restaurant in Terrigal are of the view, “If you have ordered hot and spicy food, then make sure you are ordering something cold that goes with it. For example, Lassi or Thandai would go immensely nice with that.”

This could be considered as the main reason why either lassi or thandai is ordered with Naan-Kulcha or the Chhole Bhature.

  • Order Refreshing Drinks With Meat Dishes

When we are talking about the meat then we are talking about the dish which is full of spices and flavours. So for those dishes, it is quintessentially necessary that the refreshing drinks are to be ordered.

For example, Shikanji or Cider would be best. Many people love to enjoy meat with alcoholic products.

Common Favourite Drinks That Go With Indian Food

  • Small Beers

When we are dining on some kind of Indian food, with whom we want the drink to be immensely rich in flavours and support the digestion, then we should order the Beer. It is considered the most adventurous choice when it is considered to be consumed with Indian food.

We still don’t know!

We are not sure whether the taste of the beer goes with the crisps and the crunchy foods.

  • Cider

I know, you won’t consider cider with curry but you are advised to try it out. When we are eating something really hot and spicy, then we should never order hot beverages like tea and coffee. They will spoil the entire taste of the food. The hot and spicy foods compliment better when these are tried with the drinks that have some cooling effect in them.

Wines Are Best With Indian Food?

Have you ever seen a troupe of Indian males dining to eat Indian food? If yes, then you must have noticed, that each time the group, their food is never considered complete if they do not have wine or alcohol in the association.

  • Sauvignon blanc

If you are going to order some of the light dishes which include a great proportion of sauce in them, then do not forget to order Sauvignon blanc along with it. Make sure you are including all the following:

  • Green Chillies
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Coriander

Final Comments!

There are some other drinks as well like whiskey, cocktails, red wine and many more. The taste of the Indian food always goes very well with the above-mentioned drinks. If any of our readers want to give any suggestions to us regarding the drinks that taste better with the particular dish, then please feel free to present your views to us. We shall try to incorporate the list of drinks in our upcoming blog.

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