Emergence of Famous Dishes Of North And South Indian Region!

India is a diverse country with different ethnicities, religions, caste, and races. But one thing that makes Indians divided but still united is the love for authentic food. You would be surprised to learn that each religion and faith have different recipes for the same dishes.

As a food lover who likes to indulge in various lip-smacking dishes, there might be times when you wonder about the origin of the recipe, where it actually originates from, and where it emerged from. Given below are some of those dishes which are undoubtedly famous for their origin. If you want to try out those Indian cuisines, you can order or dine in at an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay. 

List Of Indian Cuisine And Its Origin

  • Butter chicken: a gate of heaven for foodie

Butter chicken, one of the most popular dishes you can find in any Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach, is traced back to the city of Old Delhi. It is said to be believed that the butter chicken was initially introduced by the owner of Moti Mahal Delux restaurant. It basically resided in Peshawar named Kundan Lal Gujral.

After the partition of India and Pakistan, the restaurant was moved to Delhi. It was then handled by Chef Simon Mahil Chahal. Just like anything significant in life happens because of an accident, butter chicken was also in that category.

One late night, some VIP guests decided to enter the restaurant and demanded some chicken dishes. As a lot of ingredients did not surround the chef, he tossed and improvised the already marinated chicken with some butter, garam masalas, and tomatoes, which resulted in some unidentical dish later named butter chicken or murgh makhani.

But the chef was not aware that he made the dish for the ruler of Mareelun, who was absolutely hypnotized by the dish. So do not forget to try out this velvety and creamy dish at your next Indian food adventure. 

  • Sambhar: A Hearty And Comforting Dish From The South.

Sambar is the most comforting food item served in the kitchen of the southern region. It is a lentil-based stew that is well paired with some hot piping and soft idlis, vadas, and dosas. Idli sambar, a staple Indian breakfast, originated in the 18th century.

It is said that the origin of sambhar was from the kitchen of Thanjavur Marathas ruler Shahuji. He was extremely fond of one dish named amti. One Of the ingredients used in that recipe was kokum. When the ruler’s cousin visited Sambhaji one fine day, a catastrophe happened as the kokum was out of supplies.

To add the sourness to the dish, one clever fellow member of the court suggested trying tamarind pulp. Apart from that, they also experimented with some tuvar dal, spices, vegetables and obviously the pulp. After that, the dish was served to Sambhaji, who was astonished by the flavor profile and declared the dish a successful try. The dish is now known as sambhar, which was named after Samnhaji.



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