Indian Restaurant Trends To Follow This 2022 For Better Hospitality Service

The covid 19 has changed many lives that people can notice in their day-to-day life. There has been a dramatic shift in the way people interact with each other and deal with things differently compared to the past.

That is the reason why in the hospitality venues such as Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach, post covid 19 breakout; people saw dramatic change because of the new adaptation of the workflows and the processes. This will help you ensure that they provide the most convenient and safe service at the highest standard. Well, there might be some routines that will fade with time, but there will be some trends that have been here for a long time.

This process will help them understand what customers actually want and how technology has impacted the Indian Restaurant. 

Trends Of 2022 For Indian Restaurants

Trend 1: Digital payment is here to stay

Although digitization was substantial before the breakout of the covid 19, after that, it made its importance loud and clear. People love to not carry cash or credit with them because of the digitized payment mode. The ulterior motive of this trend was contactless payment. And let me tell you, people enjoy this form of payment a lot more. Now only 27 % of the population of Australia chooses cash over digitized payment. And almost 56 % of the Australian population believes that they are more at comfort dining with contactless payment methods. So, in short, this trend is here to stay for long and maybe forever. 

Trend 2: Contactless ordering is the new beginning

Another thing that covid 19 has brought ahead is the beginning of contactless ordering. The world of technology has made it easier for the staff members to collect the data with the help of technology. And this trend is something that many people enjoy, which is why it has been here for a long duration, no doubt. The hospitality venues have accepted this into the mainstream culture, which has opened up new channels for them.

Almost 57% of the people would choose a restaurant with QR technology facilities to order their food. That being said, it is not essential for you to go all QR tech, but if your Restaurant is giving the option to choose any one of them, then it might be worth the shot.

 Trend 3: Food delivery took a sky-high jump

Unlike contactless ordering with QR technology. Food delivery was not an option that got into the trend post teh covid-19. The popularity of ordering food online was taking place way before that. People enjoy the idea of eating food at their convenience and comfort on their premises without any complication. And this is one trend that will only go up from here. With covid 19, one thing that’s constant is ordering food online.

 Final Comments

Order your delicious Indian food right away from The Grand Pavilion and enjoy the meal.

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