What are the different types of seafood options you can cook on the grill?

Have you ever prepared seafood on the grill? Do you know it is easy to do so? Have you not tried it yet, then you need to do it. At the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you can order the seafood which is grilled. From shrimp to tuna steaks, you can get anything of your own choice from the Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay. We have compiled the various seafood options which you can cook on the grill like chicken.


Grilled shrimp is the perfect last-minute meal. Once you marinate it you can enjoy the flavors. The grill has high heat which allows it to cook the meal in just 2 to 6 minutes. You can try out the grilled shrimp tacos. But, make sure that you do not leave them in the marinade for too long

Whole fish

If you love to eat something crispy with golden skin, then try out the whole fish. But, make sure that the whole fish is clean and it should be greased properly. Use the paper towel to pat it from outside of the fish and let it dry, so that the outer becomes crispy.Best ‘Seafood’ to Cook on the Grill

Clams and Oysters

Do you love to have oysters and clams? Even these 2 can be cooked on the grill. But make sure that you do it carefully because keeping it on the grill for a long time will make them dry. You will see the difference in it, once they are done. As you will see the shell opens up. You will see the meat from inside is cooked and it is not dry. To keep up with the savory you can add in briny liquor and cook it with perfection.

Fish Steaks

Tuna steaks and salmon steaks are the best choices for the grill. These fish will give you the best taste when you combine them with sauces and Asian marinades. No doubt, it does take time to cook as compared to shrimp. You only need to wait for 10 minutes to serve these mouth-watering meals.


If you love to have shrimp, then you should try out the scallops on the grill. Their texture and taste are similar to shrimp. You need to thread them into the skewers and this will help them to stay in their place when you pick them up. Just try these out at the summer gathering and everyone will have the best time.

Lobster Tails

You can try out the tasty throwing lobster tails on the grill. Add in some olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh dill to make the tasty grilled lobster tails. It just takes 10 minutes to make. Have the first bite and butter will melt in your mouth.

Final thought

No matter what you want to grill, make sure that it is of the best quality and fresh. When you visit the best restaurant in your area, you will notice their food tastes different like Chinese restaurants and delicious. All this is because of the QUALITY food they get to serve the customers. Want to try out mouth-watering and best seafood? Visit us ANYTIME with your loved ones.

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