What are the most common food items at the best Indian restaurant?

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Indian cuisine has gained that attention among the foodies living in Sydney. People get crazy about the way it is cooked and then the different spices, sauces, herbs, and blend of various flavors make it perfect. If you are going to visit an Indian restaurant for the first time, then it is important that you are aware of the food items and what makes the Indian dish unique. Let’s get rolling!

Why is Indian food referred to as ‘UNIQUE’?

Indian dishes have got a different kind of reputation in India because of the different flavors added to each cuisine. In addition, the cooking style is extremely generous because of the spices and the blend of different herbs. Moreover, with every meal, you can taste some different elements like bitter, pungent, salty, sweet, sour, and astringent. So, it is pretty clear that with every meal you will have a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Is Indian food spicy?

NO! Understand that not every Indian is spicy. Even if there is any particular dish that is spicy, the spice level can be adjusted in it which means you will get the dish made as per your liking so that you can relish it even more. So, when you order the meal you can get the milder version.

What are the different food items on the Indian menu?

Here are some of the terms and dishes which you will come across in the menu:

  • Curry

Curry is one of those terms which can be applied to any dish you would like to have. It is made with the combination of herbs and spices & then rich sauce which you can also have with rice.

  • Tandoori

Tandoori is a kind of dish which is baked in a clay oven and tandoor

  • Dosa

Dosa is kind of an Indian crepe which is kind of a thin pancake and it is made by fermenting the rice batter. You can have it plain with sambar (a type of stew) and chutney (coconut chutney) or you can have the one which comes with a filling of different vegetables.

  • Saag

One of the most loved items in North India. Saag is made with a blend of greens and spinach.

  • Biryani

It is a rice-based dish that is made with spices, vegetables, and meat. Biryani can be considered as the option of fried rice.

  • Samosa

Samosa is a kind of a fried pastry that can be made with different kinds of stuffing like spicy potatoes, vegetables, or any other sort of food item.

  • Paneer

It is a dairy-item kind of like cheese which is cut into different cubes and then added into the gravy which has different ingredients added to it.

  • Chana

These are chickpeas that can be made with gravy or without gravy. One of the best food options to have with rice, naan, or any other sort of bread.

Apart from these, you can have maa ki daal (black lentils dal), mixed vegetables, chicken tikka, and many other options. Come to our restaurant to get the best taste of Indian cuisine.

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