Calories in an Indian Thali – Chapati, Dal, Sabzi, Gulab Jamun & many more

When we are referring to the calories, then we are referring to the particular unit of the energy that will be consumed by our bodies from specific food items. In today’s blog, we are going to count the calories present in an Indian Thali.

According to the chefs of the Indian restaurant in Terrigal, “ An Indian Thali is the group of the food items that are presented together in a particular palate. The contents of each thali are different based on the regions.”

Let’s read out the calories aspect about India thali, as per the chefs practising in the famous Indian restaurant in Sydney.

Let us estimate the count.


For the estimation, we have taken the food items which are predominantly found in maximum ordered Indian Thalis.

  • Chapati or Paratha

The calorie count of the chapati is different from that of the paratha. We are considered the calories, based on the following assumptions:

The size of the item would be medium

Both the items will be made of the whole-wheat

  • Chapati – 80 Calories
  • Paratha -130 Calories
  • Rice

Here we are considering 1 cup of rice, which is cooked with any of the techniques (boiling or frying).

1 cup of rice – 206 calories

  • Dry vegetable dish

This food item has many variations including:

  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Lady-Finger

Each of them may contain a calorie count which figures around -150 calories

  • Dal

Dal (pulses) as we all know, is considered the healthy alternative to the fried vegetable. So the calorie count is maybe around 105.

  • Curd

In every 100 grams of the curd, you will get 95 calories

  • Sweet dishes

The Indian sweet dishes are known for having the highest amount of calories. When we are talking about gulab jamun and jalebi, then we are darting at 150.

Overall Count

Ordering Indian thali means ordering 1000 calories

What is the need to count the calories?

  • To meet the weight goal

The calorie count becomes a huge matter of concern when the individual is heading towards the achievement of the weight control goal.

  • To keep your body healthy

When we are carefully estimating the calorie count before consuming the particular food item, then we have become a bit careful for ourselves so that it becomes easy and convenient for us to avoid the following:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Disciplined Eating

If we are keeping a regular check on the calories, then it indicates our discipline towards our food habits.

  • Knowledge enhancement

People who are in the habit of counting calories regularly do have more knowledge about the food and the nutritional benefits of the same.

What are the disadvantages of counting calories before consumption?

  • Unhealthy diet consumption

If the calorie-oriented diet plan is not executed properly, then we may suffer from either over or underweight problems.

  • Frustrating concept

Initially, it will seem pleasant. But gradually you will get frustrated to count the calories.

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