Try Out These Delicious Breakfast Menu Items From An Indian Restaurant

The first meal of the day starts with breakfast. We all know the importance it plays in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. There might be many you would encounter who are not a fan of consuming anything early in the morning. But some foodies do nopt leave a chance of devouring the beautiful breakfast menu item.

If you are not aware of the extensive breakfast items served in an Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay then you are living under the rock. This is your time to learn what you could try out next time while visiting us.

Indian and their love for food is extended to the breakfast too. So if you are someone who loves trying out a new breakfast this is the perfect read for you.

Breakfast Menu List You Could Try Out In An Indian Restaurant

  • Idli sambar

When we are talking about breakfast it is impossible to miss out on south Indian delicacy which is not only famous in India as a breakfast item but it has gradually made its name in an international restaurant too.

Made of fermented lentils and rice batter infused with curd, it has the consistency and the look of a rice cake. Soft and sour it is served piping hot with some sambhar (a vegetable stew) and refreshing and cooling coconut chutney

  • Parathas

In the heart of the northern region of India, parathas are flatbread stuffed with various fillings including aloo (mashed potatoes), paneer (cottages cheese), onion, keema (minced meat), and many more. It is known to be the breakfast of champions, because of its heavy component. Serve hot with some curd and pickle and enjoy the delicious bread filled with spices.

  • Masala dosa

Another treasure from south India. Masala dosa is not only a tasty meal to start your day, but it is also light and fulfilling. A very popular item in the breakfast menu is lentils and rice fermented batter prepared in the shape of a pancake. To give the non-Indian a better description it is a sour pancake that is stuffed with mashed potatoes infused with mild spices served hot with some chutneys and sambhar.

  • Chole Bhature

Famous in the capital of India, chole bhature is the perfect option if you are planning on not doing anything. A perfect brunch or breakfast item that would unlock so many taste levels is unbelievable. Chole is a gravy made from chickpeas and many spices and bhature are flatbreads made of leavened dough. Chewy and spices this dish is complete in itself.

  • Dhokla

If you are not interested in trying out some heavy meal, dhokla is the perfect solution. Made of chickpea flour this delicacy comes from Gujarat and is prepared by steaming the batter with some mustard seeds and green chili tempering.

Final Comments

You can try out authentic Indian dishes at The Grand Pavilion. We serve your traditionally cooked meals.

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