Best Paratha For Your Breakfast That Will Make You Crave More!

Indian food is known for delivering rich and heavy items, even its infamous breakfast menu list.

For your next outing for brunch with your loved ones, you can enjoy delicious parathas packed with remarkable spices.

There is nothing like hot and flaky parathas on a cozy afternoon served on your table. And the best part of this flatbread is you can have various options as it’s filling. From classic and traditional potatoes to more fulfilling and hearty mutton or chicken keema. Order one now from the Indian Restaurant in Sydney and enjoy your meal.

Apart from that, you can also accompany parathas with some raita, dal makhani, curd, pickle, and butter.

Let us learn more about the types of parathas you can devour and relish at the Indian Restaurant on Central Coast.

Different Types Of Parathas

  • Aloo paratha

It is a timeless classic that can never go wrong. If you like creamy, soft, yet crispy paratha, then opt for aloo (potato). Besides that, you can also easily make this delicious flatbread. All you require is a handful of ingredients, such as unleavened whole wheat dough and spiced potatoes.

In case you are unable to master the cooking, you can always trust us to deliver yummy aloo paratha to your table.

The spices and the herbs in the parathas take it to the next level.

  • Cheese paratha

Let us make a complete 180 move directly towards a new take on the parathas.

If you are bored with the usual aloo paratha, this cheese paratha is not going to disappoint you for sure.

This weekend enjoy your brunch with this hearty meal along with some spicy gravy to balance it out.

You can also prepare it by filling the wheat flatbread with some processed cheese cubes along with some garlic, green chilies, and red chili powder for an extra touch of flavor. It is good enough to crave more.

  • Chicken or mutton keema

It is a favorite of non-veg lovers. Make a simple dish seem more complicated than it actually is. Chicken or mutton keema is basically minced chicken or mutton flavored with tons of spices and herbs. Fill it in the flatbread and cook it in the Tawa until it is crispy, golden, and deliciously cooked. It is a super fulfilling and deliciously hearty, innovative snack or breakfast item. You can also tweak the flavors and the taste of this iconic dish per your requirements and palate.

  • Paneer paratha

For vegetarians, we have a similar option with paneer or Indian cottage cheese. You can spice it up just like the keema and fill it in the flatbread to give it a similar texture. It is delicious and everybody’s favorite.

  • Egg paratha

Nothing can beat egg paratha as a breakfast item. It is a perfect combination meant to serve on the breakfast or brunch menu. It is a soft and mouth-watering recipe with an egg cracked in the flatbread while cooking on the stove, just like your toast and omelet.

For All Intents And Purposes

What is your favorite paratha?

Ours is aloo paratha!


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