Which are the best and tasty Indian dishes which you order right away?

Do you have a burning desire for that one food? Well! Almost all of us have that one specific dish in mind. But, have you ever tried Indian food? If not, first of all, you need to. Additionally, Indian food has several dishes which can satiate your taste buds. So, once you get the taste of an Indian meal, there will not be just one dish for which you will have that yearning desire.

It might be intimidating in the first place, but as you keep on ordering and trying food from the best Indian Restaurant Terrigal you will understand why people crave this cuisine. If you haven’t tried food from the best Indian Restaurant in Sydney, then you need to do that right away.

Best Indian dishes which you need to order

  • Butter chicken

If you prefer non-vegetarian food and your family loves it too, then add butter chicken to your cart. Not only Indians, but even Australians prefer to have this meal. The Indian chefs have their list of ingredients and key tips which they use to make this mouth-watering meal. In case, you want to make it less spicy then it is possible and your taste buds will get the minimum level of kick.

  • Naan

It is the Indian bread which is an important part when you are planning to dine out. Naan comes under the category of flatbread which you can try with any dish of your choice. That’s not all, there are different variations of naan like plain, garlic naan, and much more. When you are ordering for the first time you can order the simple one or if you want to go all-out try out other variations which are present on the restaurant menu. No matter what you order, your taste buds are going to blow away.

  • Chicken Tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is another toothsome meal that needs your attention. It is one of those meals which have become popular worldwide. If you want to try out something different and go crazy with food then you should try out this dish. No doubt, this recipe is a bit involved in a way, and to get it done right the professional Indian chef makes sure to give you something different. So, you should give this option a must-try.

  • Chicken curry

Chicken curry has a different kind of fan base in India. Slowly, the love and craze for this food have reached Australia. This meal is cooked in a pot and then it is boiled. Voylla! You will get the tasty and healthy chicken curry at the best Indian Restaurant you will ever get to taste in your life. So, for the perfect dinner, you should order this option.

  • Chickpea curry

If you don’t prefer non-veg food, then you should try out chickpea curry. One of the most loved meals at the Indian restaurant. Chickpeas are filled with protein which makes them the healthy and fulfilling option. In addition, this can be made in coconut milk to give it that comforting flavor. So, to have something extra for lunch you should order this from our restaurant.

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