What are the benefits of fish? Why are Americans reluctant to include it in their daily diet?

We all know that there are so many considerable benefits of the fish for the improvement of human health. Usually, the gym freak recognizes the advantages of eating fish regularly.

If you ask a gym freak about the benefits of the fish, then his answer may be supported by the following terms:

  • Keep calories in control
  • GIves necessary protein to the body
  • Cut down the intake of the carbohydrates

An important fact to know

According to the various health organizations. Americans are needed to improve their health and they can particularly do it by including seafood in their daily diet.

Fish and the longevity

As per the research conducted at the Harvard School of Public health, the individuals who eat seafood at regular but routine intervals are sure to live two more years as compared to their peers.

Which seafood items have a huge amount of nutritional content?

Usually, the fish and the shellfish are regarded as the best sources of the essential nutrients which you can obtain from the seafood.


Intake of the omega 3 tablets and capsules is not impactful as consuming fish twice a week.

So the question here arises, why do the Americans not eat the fish in required amounts?

There are three main reasons because of which the American’s do not consider consuming he fish despite knowing the health benefits of the same:

  • Mercury level concerns

Americans know that the fish has significant mercury levels. And those levels are not considered ideal for the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. So, in the wake of not harming and risking their nervous system to the potential difficulties, people do not consider consuming the fish.

  • Worried about sustainability?

Are you also the one who is worried about sustainability and does not want to harm the ocean by eating seafood? Then you are thinking in the wrong way. To get thorough information on this topic, you should consider watching the Netflix documentary which will tell you that eating only the chosen varieties of the fishes like salmon, tuna, etc will lead to the extinction of the small varieties of fish. By eating a wide variety of seafood, you can surely contribute to maintaining the sea life.

You should know

Besides fish, there are so many creatures in the sea and the ocean that are accountable for maintaining sea life.

  • Cooking Concerns

Usually, Americans do not eat fish because of cooking concerns and mostly they like to go cafes for refreshments. An idea to cook the fish with the help of the new recipe can make anyone feel anxious. Besides, the fear of coming out with the disastrous dish is what pushes the people behind and does not let them make the fish dishes.

Final Thoughts

Fish is the best seafood serves in most Indian restaurants which everyone should try. It is not only worth consuming from the health point of view but it is also beneficial from the taste aspect.

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