Are You Going To Order Indian Food For The First Time?

Here Are Some Tips

As compared to the last decade, Indian food is gaining huge popularity these days. A lot of food orders are being received every day by the Indian restaurant in Terrigal since people find the food ordered from them as tasty and tummy-filling.

What is special about our today’s blog?

In our today’s blog we are going to mention some tips for those who are going to visit the Indian restaurant in Sydney for the first time and have never tried out the Indian cuisine:

  • Follow Your Gut Feeling

If you are tasting Indian food for the first time, then you neither know about the ingredients that are put in the particular dish nor do you know the taste of the particular dish. No?

In that case, Go with your gut feeling. Consider ordering the thing which you think you will like.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes we become so confused that it becomes difficult for us to follow our gut feeling. No?

In that case, it is suggested that the assistance of the waiter should be sought.

  • Order As Per Your Spice Tolerance

The Indian dishes are highly customisable in the case of the spices. If you do not have the particular spice to be put in excess, then you can honestly tell the same to the order taker and ask him to prepare the dish accordingly.

  • Order Side Dishes To Lighten The Taste Of Spices

If you have ordered any spicy dish, then it is suggested that you must order a side dish along with it. A side dish will help you to make your stomach-soothing. Being a first-time trier, you should go for ordering from the following list:

  • Raita
  • Lassi
  • Simple Curd
  • Thandai
  • Any milkshake

Not Every Dish That Is Having A Liquid Consistency Is Curry

One of the common misconceptions about Indian food is that all the dishes which do include gravy are curry dishes. But that is wrong. There are some of the Indian dishes which may no doubt do include curry like:

  • Egg Curry
  • Chicken Curry
  • Fish Curry
  • Mutton Curry

But there are some other dishes as well like the following which do have the gravy, but yet cannot be called to be having curry:

  • Butter Chicken
  • Palak Paneer
  • Dal
  • Chana Masala
  • Have A Bunch Of Dishes On Your Plate

Make sure you have a lot of dishes on your plate. Having a lot on your plate is one of the best ways to enjoy Indian food.

  • Separate Sections For The Veg And The Non-Veg Cuisine

When you hold the menu card in your hand, then do not expect it to be including the veg and the non-veg items in the mixed format. There wo\uld be separate sections for veg and non-veg categories.

  • Order Enough Bread And Rice

It is the bread and the rice that is going to fill your tummy. So no matter what quantity of the vegetable you have ordered, always order the bread or rice in enough amounts otherwise you won’t be able to relish the

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