An Introduction To Indian Street Food and Cuisine And Why they are so much in Demand

There are so many dishes you should give a shot in any Indian restaurant. These dishes showcase Indian cultures and lifestyles. 

Regional Cuisines

Indian cuisine is divided on a regional basis. These cuisines give us an insight into each culture and its traditions. The spices in these delicacies give us an exquisite experience. 

North Indian Cuisine

North Indian cuisine is an eclectic mix of dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, ghee(clarified butter), and vegetables. Potatoes are the essential element of snacks like samosas and patties. They cook their main dishes commonly in clay ovens, also known as tandoors. Their main dishes are chicken, dals(lentils), paneer (cheese), curries, etc.

Western Cuisine

Western Indian cuisine is divided according to regions like Goa, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Goan cuisine consists of pork, beef, and vinegar. There is a lot of Portuguese influence since Goa was ruled by the Portuguese people.

Maharashtrian food consists of fish and seafood curries cooked with coconut milk. Gujarati food consists of chutneys, dhoklas, and pickled vegetables.

Eastern Cuisine

This cuisine has the best desserts. They are lightly sweetened and are perfect for the last course of a meal. Deep-fried dishes like Thekua and Pantua are also popular.

South Indian

This cuisine is diverse, unique, and underrated on an international level. Sambars, rasams, poriyals, and some non-vegetarian dishes are the soul of South Indian cuisine. Dosas, especially masala dosas, complete this cuisine with an eclectic mix of spices and vegetables.

Things to keep in mind while indulging in Indian food

  • Some snacks are often fried and roasted, killing all the bacteria inside them. These snacks are safe to consume.
  • Never consume dairy-based snacks which are kept outside their ideal temperatures for too long.
  • Always look for vendors who use packaged water to clean their food materials.
  • Avoid fresh and raw vegetables and consume cooked vegetables only.
  • Never buy pre-cut fruits since they are susceptible to bacteria. 
  • Always drink packaged and filtered water while roaming Indian streets. 

If you travel to India, you should try street food like samosas, kachori, aloo chaat, masala chai, Lassi, masala chaat, pani puri, etc. 

This cuisine is famous for bringing a brilliant experience to the taste buds of food lovers across the world. 

Indian food is a diverse blend of flavors, spices, and culture. It shows a lot of variety and taste to its consumers. If you visit an Indian Restaurant, people will indulge in these Indian delicacies, which satisfies their taste buds. Their indulgence has consistently increased the demand for these dishes in restaurants.

This cuisine is known to be majorly vegetarian due to the country’s population being vegetarian. Some of the Best Indian restaurant have the expertise and excel in cooking these dishes. Their team of chefs is the master of these dishes.

If you are having an urge to indulge in this exquisite cuisine with family and friends, come to us. We will provide you with the most exotic experience in terms of food along with a beautiful ambience.

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