A Flavourful Punch To The Boring Rice Dish With Indian Spices

Indian food is generally a well-balanced diet that consists of all the nutrients on the plate. From the high fiber lentils to the carbohydrates, you will get all you need for a good healthy diet. Generally, curry is served with some complimentary side dishes. it is either flatbread like naan or chapati or rice.

But did you know you can get different variants in rice too? Indian Restaurant In Warners Bay does not just serve you plain bland white rice! No no! They go big with rice dishes too.

Indian dishes are known for their authenticity, which your friends and family enjoy at Indian Restaurant Ettalong Beach.

Here are some rice dishes that you should try if you are a “rice lover.”

Must-Try Rice Dishes

  • Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice is a simple but effective touch to plain rice. Basmati rice is cooked with some aromatic spice like cumin seeds in the ghee(purified butter) along with some onion, coriander, garlic, and chili peppers.

It notches up the rice game, and if you are someone who likes to add a little to your dishes, this is the perfect way to start.

  • Biryani

Everybody loves Biryani! If you do not enjoy Biryani, you might never have a good one. That being said, it’s a game-changer for a rice dish. And the best part is that it comes in a different form. Each state in India is known for serving different Biryani prepared a little differently from the others. Each one of those has an aromatic flavor because of various spices.

It is a layered dish, wherein the rice is layered with some meat curry like chicken or mutton. Topped with some fried onions and mint and served with yogurt.

  • Pulao

Pulao is a healthy and delicious take to the rice. Pulao is generally prepared with aromatic spices like cloves and cardamom and various seasonal vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes, and many more, along with rice.

Pulao is a one-pot dish that is so easy to make yet so packed with flavor that you would want to eat it again and again.

  • Lemon Rice

This popular item in south India is a staple breakfast option. The zesty flavor of the lemon will hit the spot with every single bite. Lemon rice is a delicious citrusy dish that is so fresh and flavourful. Prepared with many spices, including curry leaves, some nuts, and lentils.

  • Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal is a dish that is prepared with yellow lentils and rice. A savory take to the rice that has a consistency of porridge. To give the dish a kick and richness, it is cooked with cumin and black pepper in clarified butter (ghee).

It is a soulful dish with a beautiful texture that will fill your stomach and your heart.

  • Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is a tangy and savory blast to the rice dish. It is prepared with tamarind juice along with spices. This dish packs a lot of unmatchable flavors.

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